As you prepare your perfect costume, you’re probably also thinking about Halloween makeup, which can enhance your look and help you get completely into character. Whether you want to dress up as a monster, alien, skeleton, clown, or any other look, makeup is sure to add a serious wow factor.

You may be wondering about the differences between cream and grease makeup. In the video and instructions below, you’ll learn all about these two important types of makeup so you can decide which one will work best for you. First, here’s an overview of the differences between cream and grease makeup. Both of them wash off easily, but each type allows you to do something different.

Cream makeup:

  • is water-based
  • requires layers for full coverage
  • dries faster

Grease makeup:

  • is oil-based
  • is more pigmented for full coverage
  • sets with translucent powder

To get the devil makeup look in the video below, start with white grease makeup on the entire face for an even finish. Then, apply red grease makeup along the top of the forehead and neck before using a sponge to apply red cream makeup. Red cream makeup provides a bit of a more sheer look that can be built up. Since the cream makeup is water-based, it’s easily layered to allow more control when packing on color.

Then, use more cream makeup with a wedge sponge to contour because creams dry faster than grease makeup. Use black cream makeup for shading along the temples and cheekbones, and anywhere you want to look more hollow.  Once you finish this step, set the entire look with a translucent dead white face powder to reduce shine and smearing.

When you’re done with your scary Halloween look, both cream and grease makeup types can easily be washed off with soap and water or makeup removing wipes.

Watch this devil makeup tutorial video to see these steps in action:

Now that you know all the details, start planning your next Halloween makeup look! Shop all of our grease and cream makeup and show us what you come up with! Send us a picture of your look to for a chance to be featured in a future post.

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