Hoping to turn your home into a terrifying haunted house this Halloween? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Spirit Halloween, we know a thing or two about horror. Creating the perfect haunted house takes time, planning, creativity, and a good eye for fun decorations. This guide will help you game plan your haunted house, come up with a spooky theme, create an atmosphere, and provide tips on decorating. Prepare to scare EVERYONE in your neighborhood.

Creating a Game Plan

Come Up with a Theme:

When planning your haunted house, the first thing you should do is consider the age group that’ll be attending. If you’re planning a haunted house for trick-or-treaters, you may go for a lighter theme since younger children might be visiting. If you’re planning an adult Halloween party, you might want to go darker, featuring scarier attractions and more jump scares. Decide whether you want to go for an over-the-top horror vibe or a spooky party vibe and stick to it. You’ll also want to consider whether you’re decorating the outside of your house, inside, or both. Once you do this, you can start blueprinting your haunted attraction.

Now it’s time to come up with an overall theme for the haunted house. You could go for a spooky jailhouse, a haunted hospital, a ghostly graveyard, or whatever you please! Just make sure the theme is consistent throughout your space. You can also base your theme around certain horror movies or spooky stories.

Creating the Atmosphere

Deciding on Decorations:

Once you pick a theme, the real fun begins. It’s time to shop for some decorations! Spirit Halloween has the best Halloween décor, including animatronics, props, lighting, fog machines, and so much more. Make sure to check out our site for all your Halloween needs. We also offer plenty of step-by-step DIY decoration posts on our blog, including How to Make Your Own Spooky Scarecrow and Pumpkin-Carving Ideas for Halloween Competitions.

Setting the Scene:

If you really want to nail your theme, then setting the scene is super important. Want to create a thrilling house of horrors? Make sure your haunted house has plenty of dark spaces, chilling strobe lights, fake blood and gore, and a playlist of creepy songs that’ll give visitors goosebumps. Going for more of a party theme? Brighten up the place with colorful lightbulbs, add some spider web decorations throughout the space, and create a fun playlist that’ll keep your guests groovin’ all night long. One decoration we highly recommend is a fog machine, as it can enhance the eeriness of your spooky space and add to the fun of any celebration!

Set Up Your Decorations:

Now that the scene is set, you can begin decorating! Add your props, effects, and other decorations to your space and watch your home become the scariest place on the block. Animatronics and volunteer actors (aka your friends) can really help pull everything together. Be sure to follow directions when setting up decorations. It’s important to keep electronic decorations in safe, covered areas. Creating your haunted house is one of the best parts of Halloween, so have fun with it!

More Haunted House Info

Want to take your haunted house to the next level? Shop some of the most popular scary costumes to put your theme over the top! Keep up to date on our blog, which includes plenty of how-to guides, Halloween party ideas, and entertaining posts that’ll enhance your knowledge of all things horror.