At 5.3 ft. tall, our Dummy Prop is nondescript, unassuming, versatile, and oddly terrifying, which is exactly what we need it to be when we’re decorating for Halloween. It’s perfect for dressing up in any boys’ extra large or men’s small costumes, and it pairs well with masks and accessories to create your desired look.

Everyone who sees it feels subconsciously unsettled expecting it to move, which you can use to your advantage when you turn this prop into various characters, from scary to silly. Use it to elevate your Halloween party decor or home haunt decorations. Make your DIY Halloween decorating nightmares come true with these eight ways to dress up your Dummy Prop this Halloween!


Scarecrows are the perfect spooky decor to transition from a summer to a fall aesthetic. Combine one or two of these costumed dummies with some mini hay bales and cornstalks from the grocery store, and create a cohesive Halloween theme. Situate one Dummy Prop scarecrow guarding either side of a walkway, path, or stairs so they terrify everyone who walks past. You can also combine these with some other homemade scarecrows to make an immersive cornfield of nightmares.


This classic Halloween look fits the Dummy Prop perfectly. Position a few dummy skeletons in chairs, sitting in a hallway, or hiding outside during your next Halloween party. These are guaranteed to get a scare and a laugh from everyone who sees them.


Dressing up your Dummy Prop this way guarantees no one will be laughing on Halloween night. When paired with one of our clown masks and/or clown costumes, the Dummy Prop gives nightmare circus vibes. Sit this character on your steps or porch swing, pose it inside of a window, or arrange it in your yard to ensure unforgettable scares the neighbor kids will never forget.


These animal masks are a bit more on the silly side, but still creepy. Pair these with any outfit and the animal heads on a human form are sure to elicit some uncomfortable laughter. Go this route for a goofy and creepy vibe.

A Real Person

Pairing the Dummy Prop with these masks heightens the feeling that the prop might really be human. Dress it in any old clothes-as-costume and with the right lighting, you can add an incredibly creepy element to your front porch or yard decorations. Incorporate a human actor in a similar mask on Halloween night to create impactful jump scare moments.


These masks and costumes will transform your Dummy Prop into a howling beast. Surrounded by spooky sound effects, your dummy will come to life with or without the full moon.

Vintage Halloween Masks

This vintage style of Halloween decorations is getting incredibly popular again. Incorporate some Halloween vintage-chic into your decorations by dressing your Dummy Prop in these and sitting them in your front yard to welcome party guests or trick-or-treaters while the Monster Mash plays in the background. And, if you like this mask style, we have a selection of others to choose from.

Surreal and Terrifying

This collection of masks isn’t for the faint of Halloween heart. These will take your Dummy Prop and your decorations to a surreal and terrifying level. Pair these with some black clothing and arrange them in your front yard or windows to keep away all but the boldest trick-or-treaters. Go this route to keep all the Halloween candy you bought for yourself.

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