Searching for the perfect Halloween decoration? We’ve got you covered. At 5.3 ft. tall, our Dummy Prop is nondescript, unassuming, versatile, and oddly terrifying. But the best part about the Dummy Prop is that you can dress it up however you please for a truly scary look. We put together a list of some of our favorite frightening dummy prop themes so that you can complete your horrifying haunted house. Transform your dummy into a creepy clown, a terrifying scarecrow, or a viscous werewolf and get ready to bring the screams this Halloween.


Scarecrows are the perfect spooky decor to transition from a summer to a fall aesthetic. Combine this costume with some mini hay bales and cornstalks from the grocery store and create a seriously scary theme.


Got a bone to pick? This classic Halloween look fits the Dummy Prop perfectly. Position your nightmare-inducing skeleton wherever you please and prepare to petrify your friends, family, and neighbors!


Dressing up your Dummy Prop this way guarantees no one will be laughing on Halloween night. When paired with one of our clown masks and/or clown costumes, the Dummy Prop gives nightmare circus vibes. Sit this character on your steps or porch swing, pose it inside of a window, or arrange it in your yard to ensure unforgettable scares the neighborhood kids will never forget.


Send shivers down spines this Halloween when you dress up your Dummy Prop in this Lab Rat Mask. Trick-or-treaters beware…


Love werewolves? This set will turn your Dummy Prop into a howling beast. Full moon or not, your dummy is sure to come to life this Halloween.

Vintage Halloween Masks

Incorporate some vintage Halloween chic into your decorations by dressing your Dummy Prop in this Vintage Vampire Mask. This classic style will have your guests screaming bloody murder.

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