Glam and gore.

Listen, it’s time to toss the cat ears and devil horns aside. We’re going full gore this Halloween, so get ready to go from full glam to straight-up scary with this zombie makeup tutorial. It’s never too early to start planning your Halloween costume and creating extravagant makeup ideas! Here’s how to take a classic Halloween costume pick to the next level with some of our most popular makeup products.

Check out Spirit Halloween’s step-by-step zombie makeup tutorial below:

This classic zombie makeup tutorial looks super impressive but is still beginner-friendly. Here’s some supplies you might need to bring this look to life:

What You’ll Need

Trying to nail this zombie look? Stock up on some Halloween makeup basics to help you get started.

How to Apply Zombie Makeup

How to apply your zombie face makeup:

  1. Apply thick layers of liquid latex to the skin using a makeup sponge. Let dry completely.
  2. While you’re waiting for your liquid latex dry, brush spirit gum onto some medium-sized prosthetic wounds and cuts and wait for the appliances to get tacky. Once the spirit gum is tacky, press the appliance to your skin and wait 30 seconds.
  3. Brush a layer of liquid latex onto the prosthetic pieces to give the appearance of it being flatter on your skin. You may need to apply liquid latex more than once.
  4. With caution, use your fingers, tweezers, or eyebrow scissors to gently pull apart the dried liquid latex, creating small holes.
  5. Use a makeup sponge or your fingers to gently blend the edges of the prosthetic and latex into your skin. This will create a more seamless transition between the prosthetic and natural skin.
  6. Next, grab your Halloween makeup palette. Use black eyeshadow to create definition and shadows around your cheekbones, lips, neck, eyes, cuts, etc. Don’t be afraid to get creative here!
  7. Add layers of grey, white, and black cream makeup to your black shadow outlines to create depth. Use white to highlight the center points of your face and neck. Use yellow makeup to create a bruised, sunken look around eyes and cuts.
  8. Finish your look off by adding some fake blood to your liquid latex and prosthetic wounds.

How to Complete Your Zombie Costume

If you’re looking for the perfect zombie costume to go with your horrifying makeup, check out Zombie Costumes and Accessories to Knock ‘Em Undead This Halloween. Complete your look with the costumes and accessories below!

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