This Halloween, go all out and match your Halloween costume with your Halloween makeup!  Here at Spirit Halloween, we have plenty of costumes, accessories, and makeup options that allow you to get totally into character. Adding a face full of carefully applied makeup will make your costume stand out, but it’ll also help make you unrecognizable and bring your incredible look to life!

Whether you want to dress up as Barbie, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Wednesday Addams, or other pop culture characters, we’ve got you covered. Going for the classic vampire, devil, or zombie look? We’ve got costumes and makeup for those themes too!

Barbie Costumes and Makeup

Dress up like your favorite doll when you put on these classic Barbie costumes complete with the perfect makeup!

The Addams Family Costumes and Makeup

Make it a classic pop culture look when you dress up as Wednesday Addams, complete with a black outfit and appropriately serious makeup!

Monster High Costumes and Makeup

Go glam while embracing your monster heritage in these Monster High costumes with matching makeup!

DC Villains Costumes and Makeup

Look ready to fight when you put on a DC Villains costume! You’ll be poised for action in these instantly recognizable Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy costumes paired with the perfect makeup!

Neon Clown Costumes and Makeup

Put a bright spin on the classic clown with these attention-getting neon clown costumes. Match them with bold makeup for the perfect finishing touch!

Zombie Costumes and Makeup

If you want to look your most undead, you’re going to need some zombie makeup to go with your terrifying zombie costume. Be ready to haunt the living and make them scream in fright with these nightmare-inducing looks.

Vampire Costumes and Makeup

Craving some blood?  You’ll look ready to sink your fangs into an unsuspecting human’s neck in these detailed vampire costumes with matching makeup!

Angel Costumes and Makeup

Charm everyone with your angelic smile and fanciful white angel costume. Match it with an angel makeup kit and everyone will appreciate your benevolent ways!

Devil Costumes and Makeup

Prepare to cause mischief in your red devil costume and makeup! Everyone will know you’re up to no good when you rock these awesome styles.

Want more options? Check out all of our Halloween costumes and makeup so you can create the perfect look!