Who says Halloween decorations need to come down on November 1st? Here at Spirit, we firmly believe that Halloween décor has a place in your home all year round, especially during the holiday season. For all those Halloween fanatics who agree, we have a huge array of decorations sure to please all those with a taste for the terrifying!

Spirit Halloween Reversible Reaper Fleece Blanket

Cuddle up in spooky style with this Reversible Reaper Fleece Blanket. Any die-hard Spirit Halloween fan will appreciate this iconic blanket any time of the year!

Jack the Reaper Statue

The first recorded appearance of Jack was in 1983, but rumors and stories date back decades before that. His favorite haunt is the depths of your worst nightmare, and if you hear him speak, well, consider yourself not long for this world. Upgrade your home decor by adding this Jack statue to any tabletop or empty shelf to give off spooky vibes all year.

Black and White Reversible Ghost Plush

He’s creepy, he’s spooky, and he’s adorable! Add this reversible ghost plush to any couch or shelf, and he’ll fit right in with all of your other ghastly stuffed friends.

Blue and Purple Moon Phases Lava Lamp – 14.5 Inch

Need to find something that will brighten up the spooky vibes in your home? This Blue and Purple Moon Phases Lava Lamp will turn your pad into the ultimate celestial chill zone!

Lil Skelly Bones Plush

Snuggle up with your very own skeletal buddy! Bring an iconic Spirit Halloween animatronic down to size with this fan favorite, Lil Skelly Bones Plush.

Stemless Tarot Glass – 16 oz.

Conduct your next tarot reading with this celestial Stemless Tarot Glass in hand. This stemless chalice features moon and star decals over an enchanting ombre glass design.

Celestial Triangle Candle Holder

Light all your séances with this adorable Celestial Triangle Candle Holder. This whimsical glass candle holder features blue and purple stained glass with gold trim and a celestial pattern design perfect for any witch. This would also make for an adorable centerpiece!

Celestial Tarot Sun and Moon Potion Bottle

Add a touch of celestial wonder to your home with this enchanting potion bottle! This one-of-a-kind piece is perfect for keeping the good vibes flowing through your home all year round.

Tarot Origami Fortune Teller Decoration

What does your future hold? Could tarot cards hold the answers? Add this thought-provoking tarot origami fortune teller decoration to your space to symbolize an open mind and a curious heart! Featuring blue tarot-inspired graphics, this decoration is the perfect tabletop piece.

2 Ft Tarot LED Light-Up Moon Wreath

Who needs the light of the full moon when you have this LED moon wreath? This black crescent moon, sprinkled with twinkling gold and silver stars, is an excellent lunar addition to any home. You’ll love it to the moon and back.

Mystical Arts Butterfly Skull Storage Box

Spread your witchy wings with this Mystical Arts Butterfly Storage Box! This purple and teal box is in the shape of a butterfly’s wings and will keep your most prized possessions safe.

6.5 Ft Krampus Animatronic

Put a spooky twist on your holiday décor this season with the terrifying Krampus Animatronic! This holiday horror is a counterpart to Saint Nicholas, but while Santa is known for rewarding children for their good behavior with presents, Krampus only seeks to punish the naughty children. Standing at over six feet tall, sporting a long robe, and complete with petrifying goat horns and cloven hooves, this decoration will surely convince all the boys and girls to be good… especially when they see him come to life! With glowing eyes, howling noises, and chilling movements, Krampus will be more alive than ever this holiday season.

We’re just scratching the surface of all our terrifying decorations! Check out our website to see our whole collection of decorations and find your favorite pieces to keep the Halloween spirit alive in your home all year!