As summer comes to an end, and fall makes its comeback, it’s time for you to prepare and assemble the ultimate Halloween scream scene. With the knowledge of our Halloween lovers and experts, Spirit Halloween has come up with only the best Halloween decorations and animatronics for Halloween 2018. We want to help you create your very own personal haunted house that will be the go-to spot for the Halloween season. When the moon is full and the air is crisp, your house will be surrounded by onlookers in awe of the haunted house you’ve created. Here is a list of some of our absolute favorite animatronics and outdoor Halloween decorations that will make your home a Halloween icon.

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Movie Monsters

Re-create your favorite Halloween classics by decorating your house with your favorite movie characters. You can turn your house into a Hollywood set in no time at all!

Michael Myers Animatronic

He’s baaack! Police have reported that multiple calls have been taken in regards to a man lurking in the shadows while holding what looks like a knife. Authorities are taking this sighting very seriously as the description of this man matches Michael Myers of Haddonfield, Illinois. The famous serial killer has returned home to cause yet another stir on Halloween night. Police ask that everyone take this threat seriously and stay safe.

Chucky Bump ‘N Go Animatronic

A true classic never goes out of style. Do you want to play with Chucky? This demonic doll is back and ready to use his knife on anyone that comes too close. Roaming around freely, this creepy doll is simply looking for someone to play with… Though he may seem inviting, we suggest you stay far, far away from his path. You never know when he’s going to strike.

Friendly Décor

If you want to tone down your spooky décor and create a family-friendly space, our friendly animatronics are exactly what you’re looking for. This perfect pair is everything you’ll need to celebrate Halloween the friendly way.

Jack Skellington Animatronic

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see the Pumpkin King!  Standing at over 6 six feet tall Jack Skellington may have stolen Christmas, but he’ll help you steal the show this Halloween!

Sally Animatronic

Sally loves to sing her signature song from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and she will fill your neighborhood with nothing but Halloween cheer as she serenades the town. Pair her with her favorite skeleton, Jack and you’ve created the perfect Halloween-themed friendly décor scene.

Scary Clowns

We know first-hand that the circus isn’t always a friendly place and our clown animatronics and decorations are perfect for transforming your house into a twisted circus. Balloon animals are overrated, especially on Halloween night, and these clowns are here for one thing: to cause some fright!

Towering Creepy Clown Animatronic

This terrifying towering clown was never able to land a job at the circus. Though he claimed that his special talent included juggling, he was more concerned with making his onlookers scream in terror. His reach allowed him to grab anyone that walked by too slowly, and he’d throw them in the air and dangle them from his grips. He’ll hold you hostage if you get too close, and you could easily become his next victim.

Hugz the Clown Animatronic

With his dark, sharp-toothed grin and horrifying face, Hugz the Clown wanders from circus to circus, finding the most innocent of humans to feed on. He waits until late at night, when the circus is just closing down and people begin to slowly wander. He never gives anyone the chance to run, so he’ll snatch you up without so much a second thought. This clown is more than just rumors and scary stories. Though the circus is closed, Hugz still needs someone to make his final act.

Spooky Scarecrows

Create a cornfield-themed haunt when you decorate with spooky scarecrows this Halloween. The pumpkin patch may be a sweet sight by day but you never know what you’ll find at night…

Looming Strawman Animatronic

Have you heard about Looming Strawman? His stitched mouth and hollow eyes are something you’d see in your nightmares, but he tends to mind his own business, watching over his fields and pumpkin patch. However, all of that changes when someone comes too close. He can sense the curiosity and fear in the humans that walk by, and he knows just how to make sure they never come near again. He stays as still as can be until you’re within arm’s reach, and without hesitation, he lunges toward his victim! He gives an evil laugh as he hears them screaming for help—but once they’re in his deadly grips, there’s no escaping. Whatever you do, don’t wander the fields at night, or else you could be his next victim. He gets quicker and quicker with each passerby, so if you find yourself wandering toward him, you better run… FAST!

Pumpkin Patch Prowler Animatronic

The pumpkin patch is all fun and games…until the sun begins to set, and the shadows of the trees begin to loom over the field. In the dead of night, a horrifying beast comes to life and emerges from the shadows. It’s a creature of the night whose soul is bound to the land where the pumpkins grow and the vines ensnare any unwanted visitors. No one knows where the Pumpkin Patch Prowler came from, but legend has it that the pumpkin patch grows on haunted land, and the prowler is responsible for creating unrest among the spirits. Those who are curious enough will find their way into the pumpkin patch after dark…only to never be heard from again. Some say that you can hear distant screams coming from the pumpkin patch, followed by the sounds of a deep, dark laughter. So whatever you do, stay away from the monster with the glowing eyes, or else you may never leave the pumpkin patch again.

Burlap Horror Scarecrow Animatronic

Burlap Horror lives in the middle of the woods, in a handmade shack. He comes out at night and stalks the open field right behind his house. His red eyes illuminate the dark and gloomy area, so he can see anything or anyone that passes by. If you get too close, you are fair game. He’ll chase you down for miles and miles. You cannot hide. He will find you and make you his next victim. He hunts you with vengeance to catch you with his rope. They say you can’t get away, because once he smells the scent of fresh meat, he can smell you forever. Be careful traveling around his house at night or you could be next on his chopping block.

Creepy Dolls

Welcome to the dollhouse! A haunted dollhouse is one of the creepiest Halloween décor themes ever! Make heads turn as you decorate your yard, garage, and porch with doll animatronics and more.

Rocking Horse Dolly Animatronic

One dreary night, a little old woman saw the door of an abandoned house wide open, with a dim, flickering light coming from inside. She has heard sounds coming from the house before so she took it upon herself to investigate. Once she entered, the rooms were bare, and cobwebs and dust covered everything from the ceiling to the floor. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed when she saw the rocking horse doll in the center of the room! The little dolly’s voice echoed through the house, singing louder and louder until the old woman had to cover her ears. The lady was never seen again and her disappearance quickly spread around town. Now, in the dead of night, everyone can hear the little dolly’s singing echoing throughout the town…some even say that she’s trying to call out to her next possible victim.

Undead Zombies

How would you survive the zombie apocalypse? Turn your house into a dead zone when you fill every inch of your surroundings with undead friends.

Crawling Dead Animatronic

There was news of a virus outbreak in the city, and everyone began to panic. People watched as their friends and families were taken away to quarantine, while they were left to bask in the unknown. The streets were hectic until the quarantine doors shut and everything went silent. Shortly after, the bolted quarantine doors started to rattle, and out ran a woman. “I’ve been bit! Save yourselves!” The panic ensued as the woman began crawling around the streets; her face starting to decay and her screams turning into moans and groans. She was starving for some human flesh, and couldn’t wait to catch her prey. No one knows where the virus outbreak came from, so be careful… You could be next.

Electrified Corpse Animatronic

Just when you think you’ve electrocuted the final zombie, he makes a SHOCKING comeback. This electrified corpse comes to life with every strike of electricity that rolls through his dismembered body. The horrifying sounds are enough to send you into a panic and will haunt your nightmares. You never know when he’ll break free from the grips of the electrical wires, so keep a safe distance if you want to see another day.

Are you ready to start decorating? Check out all of our newest animatronics and outdoor Halloween decorations here and get ready to create only the best Halloween scene your neighborhood has ever seen. You’ll be the talk of the town and a total hit on Halloween night! Don’t forget to send us your spooky set ups, and you could be featured in a future blog post. Email your pictures to!