It’s that time of year again! Spirit Halloween loves Halloween (are you surprised?) and it’s time to give you the lowdown on all of the newest 2019 animatronics and outdoor Halloween decorations! Knowing just how important it is for you to create the best scream scene, Spirit Halloween’s spooky enthusiasts and experts took the time to create only the best animatronics for 2019! Here’s a list of Spirit Halloween’s favorite new animatronics and outdoor Halloween decorations for your personal haunted house.

Movie Monsters

Calling all movie lovers! These animatronics are perfect for you. Spirit Halloween knows just how much you love watching your favorite characters on the big screen and now you can bring them to life on Halloween night!

Sam Animatronic Decorations – Trick ‘r Treat

Your favorite “Trick ‘r Treater” is about to add an intense creep factor to your outdoor display! With interchangeable heads, you’ll be able to choose the perfect addition to your scene, and change it up whenever you want. Make sure the town trick or treaters follow the rules that Sam enforces, or there may be hell to pay!

Pennywise Animatronic Decorations – It

Pennywise the Dancing Clown isn’t dancing in this one… he’s just scaring! There are more than a handful of people in the world that have a fear of clowns, and once Pennywise was introduced to the horror movie world, it’s hard to trust anything clown-related. This animatronic promotes jump scares as he extends his body when you least expect it! Remember… You’ll float too!

Scary Clowns

If you didn’t know by now, the circus isn’t as friendly as they make it seem. Creepy clowns are taking over, and Spirit Halloween has some new animatronics that will turn your house into your very own twisted circus.

Waving Wally Animatronic – Decorations

This vintage clown will bring a new feeling to your outdoor Halloween decorations. Being a long time circus greeter, Wally is the perfect animatronic to place in the beginning of your haunted house. His sinister stare and “welcoming” wave will make all of your guests second-guess entering, but don’t worry; they’re in for even more of a scare as they get deeper into our clown animatronics! This is just the beginning…

Crouchy Animatronic – Decorations

This enormous clown has dagger-sharp teeth and a bloodstained mouth… probably because he loves torturing circus guests. This animatronic shrugs his shoulders while his huge claws hang by his knees, just waiting to scoop up his next victim. There’s no juggling act here, but he will make you disappear.

Mr. Toots Animatronic – Decorations

Mr. Toots may look cute, but don’t be fooled! He’ll run you over in a heartbeat! This retired clown lives for driving like a maniac and taking down anyone or anything that gets in his path. With a bump-and-go technology, he’ll always find his way to open spaces… and innocent pedestrians.

Tug-of-War Animatronic – Decorations

This online exclusive is taking clown torture to a new level! These two clowns are literally playing tug of war with a child… Yikes! The two clowns pull back and forth as the screeching child fearfully and hopefully waits to be let loose. Keep your little ones close when you go past these guys, or your little one may be next in the battle.

Clown Ferris Wheel Animatronic – Decorations

‘Round and ‘round they go! This smaller-sized animatronic is a great touch to your circus-themed display. The clowns in the carts have faces that will stick with you for years, and give you nightmares for nights to come!

Rotten Ringmaster Animatronic – Decorations

Okay, so we know this may not be a clown, but he still stepped foot out of the twisted circus! This rotten ringmaster loves capturing innocent children and holding them hostage in the monkey cages! He may seem like a sweet guy from afar, but if you get too close, you could be locked up next!


Have you ever been to the cornfield at night? What a terrifying sight! Create your very own spooky scarecrow display with this amazing animatronic.

Jack Straw Animatronic – Decorations

We only have one new scarecrow animatronic because it’s the best of the best. Jack Straw LOVES scaring trespassers, and you could be his next victim if you don’t play it safe. You may think he’s minding his own business, but he’ll jump up from his seat when you least expect it, causing a scare you never saw coming!

Creepy Dolls

Just when you thought creepy dolls couldn’t get any creepier… They did! Spirit Halloween has added a new doll to the mix, and we can’t wait for you to meet her.

Abandoned Annie Animatronic – Decorations

From her tattered dress and jagged mouth you wouldn’t think this doll was ever friendly. The sad thing is… she was! She just wants someone to play with, but knowing how she is, we suggest you keep a distance. Her broken mouth will bite right through anything that comes too close!

Undead Zombies

You may think they’re dead, but they’re not! These undead creatures will come alive when you least expect it and create the scare you’re looking for.

Tortured Torso Animatronic – Decorations

No one knows how Tom ended up sliced in half and hung from a tree, but he refuses to be set free. You may think he’s a struggling human, but we suggest you don’t try and help him – he loves feasting on anyone that tries. This is the perfect animatronic for the tree in your front yard and your guests will love being greeted by this terrifying sight.

Experimental Eddie Animatronic – Decorations

No one should have survived what Eddie went through, which is why he’s considered to be extremely dangerous. With wires attached to his flesh, his electrifying appearance will give onlookers the SHOCK of their lives!

Blood Brothers Animatronic – Decorations

After an experiment went poorly, these brothers gained superhuman strength. No chains were going to keep them locked down. These brothers broke free, and if you stare too long, they’ll be quick to attack! This blood brothers animatronic is the perfect addition to your science lab display.



These animatronics are bad to the bone, and you’ll love the amount of scare they bring to your outdoor Halloween decorations!

The Collector Animatronic – Decorations

This extra-large skeleton is in search of one thing and one thing only: SOULS. This towering skeleton will steal your soul when you least expect it and can smell fear from miles and miles away. This animatronic is a showstopper and will have your guests talking about it for years to come.

Emperor of Souls Animatronic – Decorations

Though the collector may take your soul, this king saves them and keeps them as his own! Sitting on an intricate throne, this emperor does not take no for an answer! For a royal Halloween display, this guy is your best bet.

Creepy Creatures

These creepy creatures are last on the list because they’re the most original, and most horrifying of them all!

Rusty Animatronic – Decorations

If you want an animatronic to guard the entrance of your haunted house, Rusty is the perfect candidate! He’s spent all of his time guarding his business, and he’ll make sure no one passes without a scream! With an interchangeable bucket and chainsaw, you can choose what his secret weapon will be.

Bloodthirsty Betty Animatronic – Decorations

She’s not quite a human; she’s not quite a zombie… She’s simply bloodthirsty. Bloodthirsty Betty is a horrifying design, and she can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor. Her shaking body and jerking movements are one for the books!

Demonic Dahlia Animatronic – Decorations

Demonic Dahlia is a dark creature who comes alive in the dead of the night. Her mouth is slit from cheek to cheek, and her eyes are a glossy white, just like something you’d see in a horror movie. She may seem like she’s just resting, but once you come too close she’ll jump at you and try to take you as her own, so you better keep your distance.

Headless Help Animatronic – Decorations

This headless butler is the perfect way to interact with your guests and give them the scare of a lifetime. Coming complete with a microphone, you’ll be able to become the voice of this decapitated head! Take a break and let the animatronic speak his programmed phrases, too!

Graveyard Ghoul Animatronic – Decorations

Tombstone decorations have NEVER been this cool! This “I Shall Return” tombstone doesn’t lie. The groundskeeper of the cemetery is buried here, and he was never a fan of trespassers! Dare you walk on his grave, he’ll float out from behind the tombstone and cause havoc in an instant!

Arctic Dragon Animatronics – Decorations

This enormous dragon is the perfect addition to your display. This mythological creature flaps its wings while LED lights create a terrifying scare. You can even hook this dragon up to a fog machine (sold separately) and create the illusion of a fire-breathing beast!

Ring Around the Rosie Animatronic – Decorations

These little kids may look cute, but once you get a little closer, you’ll change your mind! Standing in a ritual circle, these children bring a new understanding of the classic song “Ring Around the Rosie.” Add it to your front yard, and everyone will be skeptical of coming any closer.

Are you ready to bring your Halloween vision to life? Start shopping Spirit Halloween Animatronics and outdoor Halloween decorations now, and you’ll create the best Halloween scene your neighborhood has ever seen. Show off your set up! Email and you may be featured in a future post.