It’s that time of year again! Our stores are starting to open and all of our guests, new and old, are beginning to experience our unique displays that our creative and hardworking teams have been putting together for your entertainment. Our Halloween specialists work tirelessly year-round to bring you the best of the best, and this year is no different. We’re bringing you the story of the Reaper’s Wharf, where Jack, The Spirit Halloween Reaper, hijacks the S.S. RIP Tide and collects many spooky, horrifying, and creepy accomplices along the way. What was Jack going to do with all of these terrifying creatures? They crashed during their journey and completely took over Reapers Wharf, making it their own. We’re going to try and paint a picture of how awesome this year’s display is, but we HIGHLY recommend you check it out in person for the full effect!

S.S Rip Tide In-Store Experience

As you enter the store, you’ll walk through the docks of the Reaper’s Wharf and almost instantly be greeted by the decaying SS. RIP tide. You can even walk through a part of the ship, and possibly be greeted by one of Jack’s creepy creatures; so, make sure you keep an eye out!  Jack the Reaper sits atop the ship still manning the helm, giving you an eerie feeling of what’s to come. You can find some of our newest animatronics lurking in and around the boat, and as always, you’ll be able to see them in action! You can get a little taste of the live-action fun we’re bringing to your Halloween season here:


This Rusty animatronic is perfect for anyone looking for a good jump-scare! With motion and sound activation, this animatronic appears to be a static prop, but once you get close enough, his arms pop up over his head giving you the scare you’ve been anticipating! Perhaps Jack took him on the journey so no one would know who was behind the burlap mask when he’d attack any unwanted trespassers.


Remember Bubba from our 2018 collection? We loved him so much we had to bring him back, and Jack knew he’d be the perfect security for the S.S. Riptide. When you hear the adorable cries coming from his dog house you may think he wants a friend to play with, but get to close and his sharp teeth will be sure to attack!


Everyone will be a little hesitant when they see this famous horror movie clown lurking around. This animatronic pops up quickly whenever someone gets to close. He’ll speak terrifying phrases that will haunt you for nights to come.

The Collector

Beware of the collector; he’s itching to collect more souls! This towering creature speaks horrifying phrases, and you can see the souls he’s already collected in his burlap sack squirming in attempt to break free. If you get too close, you may end up with the rest of the fallen ones. This reaper was chosen as Jack’s right-hand man. You always need a place to store lost souls!

Jack Straw

This guy puts the “scare” in “scarecrow!” Jack Straw appears to be sitting motionless, but he’s got more than just straw up his sleeve. When activated, Jack Straw goes from sitting to standing in an instant! His motion is accompanied by screams and laughter to add even more terror!

Black Jumping Spider

An oldie but a goodie! This jumping spider is not for the faint of heart. His furry body will jump toward you when you least expect it, and eight legs are much quicker than two, so you better run!

Hugz the Clown

Another 2018 favorite is back! We’ve told you before and we’ll tell you again: Not all clowns are friendly. Hugz is really good at pretending to be sweet, but if you take him up on his offer for a free hug, he’ll scoop you up and you’ll never return!


This horror movie character is a classic, and he’s ready to enforce the rules of trick or treating, so you better behave! This animatronic comes with interchangeable heads, so you can switch it up whenever you want!

Arctic Dragon

This mythological creature is sure to fill your heart with dread! Its light-up blue eyes and extra-large flapping wings will warn you to stay back; we don’t know what this dragon is capable of, but we think he was chosen to protect the S.S. Riptide at all costs.

Cocooned Corpse

One year later, and this poor soul is still trapped by vicious spiders! Watch as this innocent passerby struggles to free themselves from a horrifying web!

Tortured Torso

This constant motion animatronic thrashes from side to side while growling and groaning. He seems like he wants to be set free, but we’ve heard stories that anyone who tries to help ends up just like him.

Sitting Scarecrow

Sitting scarecrow is back! He’s ready to scare you when you least expect it. With his motion activation, he’ll pop up and terrify everyone who comes too close!


Crouchy towers over you with jagged teeth and bloodstained mouth. Speaking phrases that will ignite your fears instantly, this clown definitely traveled from the twisted circus.


Cerberus the three-headed dog will always be near and dear to our hearts. This creepy creature will fill you and your friends will pure terror, and there isn’t a large enough “Beware of Dog” sign to explain just how vicious Cerberus is.

The Reaper’s Wharf In-Store Experience

Once you get a good look at the S.S. RIP Tide, you’ll be guided toward the Wharf that has been left to decay. The Wharf features many unique shops and an aquarium that has been around since the Wharf’s heyday. Though it’s tattered, it’s still standing and ready for guests to explore.  The Graveyard Ghoul, Bloodthirsty Betty, and Demonic Dahlia are all waiting for your arrival at the entrance. We invite you to walk through the mysterious aquarium and come face-to-face with some of the most terrifying sea creatures that remain living inside the tanks. Rumor has it, there’s a very hungry resident that could make a startling appearance. We’ll leave the spooky details out of this one because it’s so much better when you experience it for yourself.

Once you exit the aquarium, if you make it out alive, of course, there are more of Jack’s creatures that have escaped the S.S. Riptide and taken over the Wharf.  Here are some of the terrifying sights you may come in contact with:


After breaking away from the S.S. Riptide, he decided to become the greeter for the Clownfish Bait Shop. Though Wally doesn’t make any sudden movements, his empty stare is enough to scare anyone who walks by. Waving his right hand, Wally is certainly not the friendly clown you wish he was!

Headless Help

This headless butler broke free from Jack’s collection to take over the Saltwater Inn. Though he may have lost his head, he’s still able to complete his job! Since the Wharf is destroyed, he was the only applicant. This animatronic has programmed phrases, but also comes with a microphone, so you can create your own! Though his head is disconnected from his body, his mouth still moves for a realistic fright!

Double Trouble

The twins are back! These two never travel alone, so if you come in contact, be prepared for double the trouble. They’re still searching for their father, and hoping that maybe he’ll return from the fishing charter soon enough.

Abandoned Annie

Little Annie used to be the cutest doll until she was possessed by an evil spirit! Her cracked mouth is sharp and dangerous, so if you see her open up, keep your hands to yourself!

Experimental Eddie

Eddie was always good at working in labs, and one night at the Boat Repair Shop, something sinister took over his body. He was penetrated by live wires, and now he convulses from electrical zaps. His zombie-like groans are enough of a warning to keep your distance.

Our team here at Spirit Halloween developed this storyline with endless brainstorming and invested years into creating the greatest set up we’ve seen to date! With custom CGI effects, motion sensors for scare activation, a 500 watt sound system, custom soundtracks, and LED monitors, our 2019 in-store experience is one for the books. Now that you have an idea of what to expect, we hope you love this display as much as we do! For all of our super fans, we want to remind you to keep an eye out for multiple Easter eggs from past years that we strategically placed for you to find while searching the Wharf.

We love hearing from our fans! What was your favorite part of the Reaper’s Wharf? Did you find the Easter eggs? Send us your photos to and you may be featured in a future blog post!