Our stores are starting to open and thousands of guests across the country are beginning to experience our unique animatronic displays and exclusive Halloween décor for the first time this year. It’s no secret: Our Halloween specialists work tirelessly each year to create in-store experiences unlike any other that make our guests feel like they’re wandering through a haunted house while they shop. This year is no exception as Spirit Acres Woods and The Farmhouse were designed to spook our customers and ignite their imagination! And the fun doesn’t stop there as we’ve replicated our in-store experiences online, so you can shop each scene here, and create your very own display for Halloween night.

Spirit Acres Woods

As you enter Spirit Halloween, you’ll be promptly greeted by our Spirit Acres Woods in-store experience. Here, you can take a deeper look at some of our new 2018 animatronics and get creative ideas on how to decorate your home to make the perfect haunted house. The water tower display features some of our favorite animatronics including the Pumpkin Patch Prowler, Looming Strawman, Hugz the Clown, Michael Myers and so much more! We’re going to give you a little information about all of the animatronics and décor featured in this display, so you can decide exactly how you want to create your very own.

Flying Vulture

Thirsty for blood, the flying vulture usually only comes around when there’s something to eat! Seeing this vulture may be a dead giveaway to stay away from the area. Add this terrifying creature to your decorations and see who plays it safe and who’s willing to take a risk.

Cocooned Corpse

Uh oh! Looks like the spiders took over and wrapped this innocent passerby in their web! Moaning and groaning, this cocooned corpse struggles to break free, but the spiders have him in their grips and they’re ready for dinner!

Sitting Scarecrow

If you love jump scares, the Sitting Scarecrow is perfect for your haunted house. He appears to be a static prop, but once you reach in his direction, he comes alive! You’ll love watching your neighbors shriek in fear as they attempt to take from the bowl of goodies on his lap.

Towering Creepy Clown

If you’re looking for six feet of pure terror, you’ve come to the right place. The Towering Creepy Clown is looking to capture an innocent bystander and turn them into his next freak show star. With glowing eyes and a chattering jaw, you can tell he doesn’t belong at the circus.

Pumpkin Patch Prowler

Just when you think the pumpkin patch is all fun and games, night falls and the Pumpkin Patch Prowler comes alive. His shaking body, light-up eyes, and sinister laugh are petrifying and will haunt your nightmares for years to come. If you hear his cackling in the middle of the night, he may be too close to escape! Add this six-foot terror to your outdoor decorations and watch as your neighbors shake with fear.

Looming Strawman

Put the scare in scarecrow when you add Looming Strawman to your décor. The cornfields are pleasant by day and terrifying by nightfall. We suggest you steer clear of the corn mazes after dusk or this strawman might just snatch you up!

Hugz the Clown

Free hugs anyone? This circus clown might come off friendly until you get up close. His blood-stained costume and menacing eyes are everything you’ll need to scare off your neighbors this Halloween. Don’t get too close, or Hugz will jump toward you and squeeze you until you pop!

Michael Myers

He’s back! This officially licensed Michael Myers animatronic is perfect for every horror movie fan looking to instill fear in the town this Halloween. This Michael Myers animatronic features a bloody knife and the Halloween theme song for extra scares.

Nightmare Harvester

You know what we always say when it comes to Halloween scares: The bigger, the better! Fill your home with seven feet of fright when you add the Nightmare Harvester to your Halloween décor. Holding a light-up pumpkin, this terrifying demon is sure to scare away any trespassers with his tattered clothes and deep voice.

Burlap Horror Scarecrow

This stitched-up monster loves to come alive when you least expect it. When the moon is full and the night is calm, listen for his growls in the silent night. His blood-stained apron and light-up eyes are all you’ll see as he makes his way quickly toward you. You better ruuuun!

Roaming Spider

Take control of your decorations when you add the roaming spider to your décor! You can control where this critter crawls, so you can chase your trespassers away with just a few clicks of a button. The included remote control allows you to have all the fun you can on Halloween night.

Wolf Spider

This static prop has realistic features for a lifelike appearance and is oversized for all of your scaring needs. Add it to your scene and watch as all of your visitors jump with fright!

Dropping Dangling Spider

Our water tower display wouldn’t be complete without creepy crawlers, and this dropping dangling spider is one of our all-time favorites. This classic, but impactful decoration drops from the ceiling when you least expect it, causing the scare of a lifetime!

Hanging Shaking Spider

Hang this shaking spider next to your Dropping Dangling Spider and you’ll have a family of creepy crawlers. This shaking spider will terrify anyone, even if they don’t have arachnophobia.

Jumping Brown Spider

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, the Jumping Brown Spider is perfect for your house of eight-legged freaks. This 21-inch spider is starving for human flesh and will jump toward you on a mission to feast. You better keep a safe distance or you could be his next meal.

The Farmhouse

If you make it out of the water tower alive, you’ll travel deeper into the store for even more scares! Our Farmhouse display features even more animatronics and decorations that are sure to send chills down your spine. From crawling zombies to headless ghosts, our farmhouse is haunted with some of the scariest souls we’ve ever seen. Take a look for yourself:

Rocking Horse Dolly

From the depths of an old abandoned house comes the Rocking Horse Dolly and she’s ready to instill fear in all who cross her path. As she rocks back and forth singing classic nursery rhymes, her light-up red eyes will pierce right through you. This rocking doll is back from the dead and perfect for your ghostly scene.

Double Trouble

Looking for twice the fright on Halloween night? These ghostly girls were always troubled, and now they’re back from the dead to cause havoc on the town. These ghosts don’t travel anywhere without the other, so if you have a run-in with them, you’ll experience double the trouble.

Man’s Possessed Friend

By the cries that come from Bubba’s doghouse, you may think he just needs some love, but be forewarned: Bubba is vicious and only looking for some fresh meat to chow down on. This animatronic is perfect for jump scares and will freak out anyone with a fear of dogs.

Lost Her Way

Accused of witchcraft, this female was sentenced to get beheaded! She’s back from the dead and seeking revenge on the enemies that once took her head. Let this headless girl travel around your haunted house on Halloween night, and she’ll be sure to terrorize the neighborhood!

Crawling Dead

She’s aliiive! This crawling dead animatronic broke free from quarantine but sadly, it was too late. Equipped with a remote control, you’ll be able to control her movement whenever and wherever you’d like. You can move her left, right, forward and backward to make the scariest zombie scene around the town!

Ghostly Tricycle

Add some ghostly giggles and creepy creaks to your décor when you incorporate the ghostly tricycle into your Halloween décor. Peddling forward and backward with no one in control, all of your guests will know that it’s haunted! It’s the perfect finishing touch to your jump-scare scene!

Menacing Molly

This innocent little girl may look appealing from behind, but once she lets out a blood-curdling scream and throws herself backward, you’ll be able to see how demented she really is. Molly is perfect for every jump-scare lover!

Creepy Swing Girl

Add this empty soul static prop to your decorations for a ghoulishly good time! You can put her on the swinging mechanism (sold separately) and let her swing next to Molly for extra scares!

Now that we’ve given you a readable walk-through of our in-store experiences, it’s time for you to use your imagination and create your own. We’d love to see what you come up with, so send photos of your Halloween decorations to spiritblog@spirithalloween.com and you may be featured in a future post.