Spirit Halloween is definitely a zoo lover, so you better believe that we’re going to celebrate with our favorite animal costumes! It’s fun to dress up as your favorite zoo animal, and pretend you’re something else for the day! Below is a list of our favorite critter cuties, but let us know if you think we missed any by emailing spiritblog@spirithalloween.com.


Depending on where you live, you may see deer on a daily basis. But, for some of us, the zoo is the only place we can see these beautiful creatures. Spirit Halloween has deer costumes for everyone! You can even create your own look with our deer accessories, and make this animal come to life!


How cute are they? I mean, seriously! They’re like tiny little orange dogs that you want to cuddle up with. If you dress up like a fox, you’ll be just as cute as your furry little friends at the zoo.


Hang around with your other monkey friends! You can represent your favorite zoo animal, the monkey, with one of our cute and cozy monkey costumes! Grab a banana and swing from branch to branch!


Add some color! Peacocks are gorgeous creatures, and their feathers illuminate such beautiful coloring. With our wide variety of peacock accessories, you can create a peacock look that is all your own.


This black and white, bamboo-eating creature looks like the cuddliest little thing. Give your friends a great big bear hug!


Everyone loves a beautiful butterfly. Their colorful, detailed wings are unique, just like each and every one of you!


The TALLEST creatures in the zoo! You can usually find them eating with their long black tongues, or strolling through their respected territory. What a sight!

Brown Bears

They’re huge! They’re cute! They’re dangerous! And, well frankly, they’re sleepy.


THE KING OF THE ZOO! It’s very, very hard to hear the lion roar when you go to the zoo, because lions sleep for a majority of the day. So, why not dress like one? You can roar whenever you want!