They’re creepy, they’re crawly, they’re quick on their feet,

With eight legs to run with, it’s hard to compete.

Some big, some small, some climb up the wall.

Some furry, some bumpy, but we’re scared of them all!

These eight-legged creatures are nothing but trouble,

If you cross their path, get ready to rumble!

Their fangs will inject venom deep into your skin,

You can fight back, but the fight you won’t win.

They’ll wrap you in their web as tight as can be,

They will trap you, no matter how much you plea!

You can run, but you cannot hide,

So beware of these spiders, especially at night.

They feed off of darkness, they all come alive,

We suggest you hide, if you want to survive.

Eight tiny legs are better than two,

And that’s why these spiders will out-run you!

Happy National Spider Day from Spirit Halloween! We want to see your creepy crawly spider web decorations. Show us what you’ve created by sending pictures to!