We’re so happy to announce that Spirit Halloween is now carrying even more officially licensed Funko Figures! Our collection is growing and we can’t wait to show you what just hit our shelves. It’s time for all of you loyal collectors out there to prepare for a mind-blowing experience as we introduce the newest Funko additions.

5 Star Funko Figures

In May 2018, Funko announced that they’d be releasing a new line of collectible vinyl figures called 5 Star. These figures feature articulation points that allow the figure to be posed however the collector pleases. The window box that the figures come in is designed specifically for the character and places them in their own unique world. Most 5 Star figures come with accessories that add extra fun to the collectibles and really complete the look.

Vynl. Funko Figures

Our two-pack Vynl. Funko figures are super intricate, so every fan can display their favorite characters in an authentic way. With detailed eyes and facial expressions, you’ll be able to create a realistic collection that is unlike any other.

Funko POP! Figures

More commonly known than the Funko lines mentioned above, Funko POP! features a wide variety of  popular licenses including the three new The Nightmare Before Christmas styles that just arrived for you to add to your collection!

We’ve outlined our new Funko arrivals below, so check them out and pick up your must-have collectibles today!

The Nightmare Before Christmas 5 Star Funko Figures

Welcome to Halloween Town! The Pumpkin King and his beloved rag doll Sally are here to bring holiday madness to your home décor! From Jack and Sally to Lock, Shock, and Barrel, we’ve got all of your favorite characters right here at Spirit Halloween.

Jack Skellington

All hail the Pumpkin King! With his pal Zero by his side, this officially licensed Jack Skellington 5 Star Funko figure is perfect for every Halloween (or Christmas) lover. His signature striped suit is authentic, so all of your hardcore NBC-loving fan friends will envy your collection.


Complete with her pet cat, this Sally 5 Star Funko figure is ready to be put on display! Her stitched mouth and wide-eyed expression is friendly and welcoming for all of your guests to see.

Oogie Boogie

Your The Nightmare Before Christmas scene cannot be complete without the main antagonist, Oogie Boogie. Seeing as his burlap sack is filled with bugs, Oogie Boogie’s 5 Star figure comes complete with a purple spider for a realistic effect. This 5 Star figure also comes with Oogie Boogie’s dice because we all know he loves a good gamble!

Lock, Shock, and Barrel


This trick-or-treating trio will look perfect next to Oogie Boogie! All three kids are considered to be the “henchmen” to Oogie Boogie, and they all sport different personalities and characteristics. All three figures are sold separately, but make for the perfect collectible threesome!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Vynl. Funko Figures

Continue your NBC collection with a different line of Funko figures: Vynl. These two-pack figures are a great addition to your collection and a must-have for every fan.

The Mayor and Barrel

This two-pack Vynl. Funko figure collection features two of your favorite The Nightmare Before Christmas characters, The Mayor and Barrel. These figures come together in one window box so you can display them however you please.

Oogie Boogie and Behemoth

Collect your favorite boogie man Oogie Boogie and the infamous Halloween Town resident Behemoth when you display this two-pack Vynl. collection. These two characters are sure to bring your NBC collection to life! With detailed designs, these Vynl. figures will make all of your NBC fan friends stare in jealousy.

Lock and Shock

Lock and Shock go together like two peas in a pod. Add this duo to your collection and you’ll create a complete Lock, Shock, and Barrel trio. These Vynl. figures are the perfect decorations to display on Halloween night when trick-or-treaters make their way to and from your house.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko POP! Figures

POP! Figures are always a go-to addition to your home décor. Keep decorating your NBC theme with these officially licensed POP! characters.

Clown with the Tear-Away Face

He’s jolly and he’s demented. He’s the Clown with the Tear-Away Face! Sporting a large smile and holding tightly onto a unicycle, this POP! figure is essential to your NBC collection.

Dr. Finkelstein (RETURNING SOON)

Mad scientist and creator of Sally, Dr. Finkelstein is here to stay. His detailed wheelchair and removable head give this POP! a lifelike feel that true NBC fans will appreciate.

Vampire Teddy and Undead Duck

If your The Nightmare Before Christmas collection is missing something special… we know exactly what it is. Add these authentically-designed Vampire Teddy and Undead Duck POP! figures and you’ll have a complete NBC scene.

Classic Horror 5 Star Funko Figures

Calling all horror movie buffs: This one is for you! Collect all of these famous horror movie monsters and you can create your very own personal scream scene.


Wanna play? Holding his bloody knife and signature voodoo doll from Child’s Play, this colorful Chucky 5 Star figure is the perfect way to start your classic horror collection. Don’t let his cute characteristics fool you… He’s still a killing machine.

Jason Voorhees

Make a killer impression on your guests when they see this officially licensed Jason Voorhees 5 Star Funko figure! With two weapons, you never know when Jason is going to strike his next victim, so you better be prepared.

Freddy Krueger

This killer may only come to life in your nightmares, but it will bring your home décor and horror movie collection to life instantly! His interchangeable hands allow you to switch up his look whenever you want. Just be careful when you go to sleep…


You’ll float, too! Don’t let that balloon fool you… This creepy clown knows what he wants and will tempt you any way he can. If you love horror movie icons, Pennywise is a must-have!

Harry Potter 5 Star Funko Figures

“You’re a wizard, Harry!” Whether you’re a muggle or a magical creature, these officially licensed Harry Potter 5 Star figures are the perfect collectible for every Harry Potter fan. Their detailed designs and additional accessories will allow you to take these figures and create the perfect Harry Potter display.

Harry Potter

Coming complete with Hedwig and an official Hogwarts envelope, this 5 Star Figure is an absolute must-have! Holding his wand, Harry and his wide-eyed expression will have you and all of your wizard-loving friends in awe.

Ron Weasley

Harry’s side-kick, Ron, comes with his pet rat Scabbers and signature chocolate frog (FYI: The frog is not edible.) Sporting a smile that will light up any room, he’s dressed to impress the Hogwarts wizards and holds his wand with nothing but pride.

Hermione Granger

“Wingardium leviosa!” Levitate your collection to ultimate heights when you add this officially licensed Hermione Granger 5 Star Funko to your collection! Coming with a book and a quill, Hermione is always ready to read and write just like she is in the movies!

Rubeus Hagrid

If anyone knows how to make someone feel special on their birthday, it’s Hagrid! This 5 Star Funko figure comes with the signature Harry Potter birthday cake making for the perfect addition to your Harry Potter display.

Albus Dumbledore

You can’t create a Hogwarts Funko scene without the headmaster, Dumbledore! This authentic bearded wizard will look great set up next to Fawkes the phoenix who’s perfectly perched for display.

Now that we’ve given you the 411 on all of our new Funko figures, we want to see your setup! Show us your magical Hogwarts scene or give us a tour of your personal Halloween Town. If you created a horror movie shrine, we want to check out all of the killer details! Email pictures to spiritblog@spirithalloween.com and you may be featured in a future blog post!

Happy collecting!