Carving a pumpkin is easier than you may think. The most important thing you need is patience. Take your time, trust yourself, and get to carving.

Helpful Pumpkin Carving Tips:

  • Pick a pattern that you are interested in. It’s important that you have some sort of attraction to what you are creating. Creating something you have no interest in will make your patience run thin and distract you from perfecting a masterpiece!
  • Cut a hole, on an angle, on the top of your pumpkin. Remove the stem and clean out the pumpkin guts! You can do this with a scooping tool like the ones in our handy pumpkin carving kits, or if you like to get messy, you can use your hands!
  • Once your pumpkin is clean, tape the pattern on your pumpkin as neatly as possible. Cut slits in the paper so you can bend the edges when needed. The flatter the pattern is, the easier it will be to outline.

NOTE: Make sure that you’ve completely cleaned out your pumpkin and thinned the inside; it’s easier to cut through a thin wall!

  • When you start to poke holes into your pattern, make sure that you are making them close together, but that they aren’t touching. If you make the holes too close, you’ll run into a visibility issue when you’re ready to start carving. The holes don’t have to be very deep, but deep enough to be seen.
  • Remove the pattern from the pumpkin, and set it next to you. You can use this pattern as a guide when you begin to carve.

FUN TIP: If you’re having trouble seeing the holes that you poked, coat the pumpkin with baby powder. The powder will fill the holes and make it easier to differentiate where cuts need to be made.

  • Think about your pumpkin as a fragile piece of wood. Think about where you should cut first in order to not break any pieces in the future. Everyone is different, but it usually works best if you cut the smaller pieces first and then attack the larger cuts. Some people like to work from the center to the outer shell. Think about it before you start to cut.
  • It’s time to start cutting! It’s important that you TAKE YOUR TIME. Use your pattern for reference, and do not get frustrated! Creating a masterpiece takes time, and you must be willing to put in the work.
  • Once you have cut all of your sections, it’s time to get the cutouts as clean as a whistle! Use a sponge and GENTLY wipe over the top of your carving as well as the inside of the pumpkin. This should get rid of any stringy pieces that were left behind. If you want to perfect the carving, you can take Q-tips and clean up any ragged edges.
  • Light it up, and watch it glow!

It’s as simple as that! Anyone can carve a pumpkin – just remember, it takes patience! Check out for special tools and pumpkin carving kits that will help you create the perfect pumpkin this Halloween!