We know how much little ones love to dress up on Halloween. It allows them to use their imagination and become their favorite famous character, play pretend as a royal prince or princess, or sail the Seven Seas as a pirate. Dressing up isn’t just a Halloween thing—it’s an everyday thing! Let your little one expand their imagination and watch as their fantasies become a reality while they play dress up! Here are some of our favorite dress up ideas that’ll keep your children occupied for hours while they’re stuck inside!


We know how much little boys and girls love dinosaurs. They’re fascinating; we can’t blame them. Your child can dress up in this one piece dino costume and pretend to tear through the town. Let them set up their blocks as “towers” and stomp them to pieces!


If your babies want to grow up to be heroes, you can let them dress up as a firefighter. This is the perfect opportunity to teach them about fire safety as they pretend to save you and your family from a burning building!


They’re magical, fun, and exciting… just like your little girl. Let her fly around the living room, waving her wand and sprinkling pixie dust.

Red Satin Cape

This red satin cape is a great addition to the dress up chest. Your child can become whatever they want, whether it be a superhero or their favorite storybook character.

Stealth Ninja

Line the floor with padded pillows and let your pride and joy practice all of their cool ninja moves! The perfect way to get them to exercise and tire them out!

Sword and Cape

We know that your little guy is already your knight in shining armor, so he might as well dress the part, right? Add the full kids knight armor set, and he’ll be ready for battle!

Accessories can be the perfect way to create a new reality for your kids. If you don’t want to give them a full outfit, give them a few accessories and let their minds run wild.

Hooded Robe

Your little one will love to use their imagination in this hooded robe! Whether they pretend to be a wicked witch or a mysterious princess of darkness is entirely up to them.


Make your little one royalty for the day with this sparkly crown!

Rainbow Tutu

Watch your child transform into a beautiful ballerina or a fantastic fairy in this pretty pastel rainbow tutu! You’ll look on in amazement as their imagination takes them dancing across grand stages and fluttering through star-filled skies.

The options for dress up are endless. The sky is the limit! Check out all of the fun costumes we have to offer here at Spirit Halloween, and let your little ones become everything they have ever dreamed of. Your toy chests will thank you!