The Clown is a classic comedy character that we’ve all grown to know and love. If you want to be a clown this Halloween, or for any costume party, make sure to have a few crowd-pleasing routines up your sleeve. Here are some of our ideas for great clown routines:


We love thisclassic gag! Getting a face full of whipped cream is an instant crowd-pleaser, and definitely shows commitment to the act. It’s one of the original bits from slapstick comedy and although it can be messy, all you need is whipped cream and a good attitude. Your audience will be sure to reward you with laughs.


The mime routine requires quick, agile fingers and comedic timing, but those who nail it will bring any audience to big laughs. This feather is so heavy! This rope is pulling me! This dumbbell is choking me! I’m in a box of emotion! Give it a try and you’ll be the talk of Halloween this year.


Take your favorite superstar, celebrity, politician or performer and make a joke out of them. Steal the notable aspects from their performance, heighten them, and turn them into your own routine.


This circus act requires a lot of coordination and practice, but juggling is one way to keep your audience entertained and amazed. Start with bean bags or balls, and once you become a pro, you can move on to more daring items.


If you’re really committed to making a great clown show, try this surefire classic! Riding a unicycle requires lots of practice, great balance, a large outdoor space and a helmet! If you get really good, you have a new way to travel, too!

Prop Comedy

If you don’t feel like juggling and unicycles aren’t your speed, prop comedy is an easy and fun way to be a clown. Try using rubber chickens, googly eye glasses and maybe even a puppet or two!

Lip-Sync a Musical Number

What’s better than an entertaining song and dance? The crazier and goofier your choreography is, the more your audience will react. Pick a song that highlights your clown personality and will be easily recognizable to those watching your act.

Stand-Up Comedy and Crowd Work

Come up with some funny punchlines and jokes about being a clown, then take the microphone and let the laughs roll in. Improvisation and thinking on your feet are key! 

Evil Clown

Who says being a clown is all rainbows and flowers? Evil clowns are just as fun! Take a hint from Pennywise and turn your clown routine into a hellish horror fest!

A good clown routine gets the audience on their feet. It’s entertaining and memorable. No matter how you choose to perform your routine, if you’re having fun, the audience will, too!

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