“What’s your favorite scary movie?” Over two decades have passed since we first heard Ghost Face utter those iconic words over the phone in the theatrical release of Scream in 1996. Not only did this satirical horror film introduce fans to one of the most iconic slashers ever, but it also laid the foundation for one of the most popular horror franchises ever created. Since the first Scream film, there have been multiple sequels made with the most recent adaptation being in 2011 and even a Scream TV series that began in 2015. Now 25 years after the original murder spree, Ghost Face is back once again for the newest chapter in the Scream saga releasing in theaters January 14th, 2022. Better watch your back, because the return of Ghost Face is near, and you’ll never know who’s underneath that signature mask!

Return of Original Cast Members

Not only are we thrilled to see the return of Ghost Face, one of our favorite slashers of all time, but we also can’t wait to see our OG final girl Sidney return with actress Neve Campbell reprising her role. A proper sequel is nothing without some original co-stars and making their return are Courtney Cox and David Arquette reprising their roles as Gale and Dewey from the original film. With about 25 years in between the events of each movie, it will be interesting to see how they tie the old characters in with the plot and characters of the story in the new film. With so much time between the events of the previous films, our characters are in a much different place in life so it will be great to see them in action again. We’ll for sure be keeping an eye out and listening extra closely for any potential Easter eggs from the original films.

Bringing in a New Era

In the next installment of the Scream series, we will be picking up after the events of the fourth film. Although it is a direct sequel to those events, this movie is also being billed as a relaunch of the series. Ushering in this new era of Scream will be directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. This Scream movie will be the first of its kind to not be directed by famous horror director Wes Craven who passed away in 2015. With a new set of directors taking the helm for this next era of Scream, it will be exciting to see what kinds of things they do to evolve the series going forward while still staying true to the vision of the original films.

A New Twist

The Scream movies have always been well known for their fake-outs and twists over the years. It’s always great fun closely watching the films and trying to solve the mystery of who the killer is beneath the black robe and mask. The Scream movies do a great job of keeping you on your toes and using misdirection to play with your mind about who’s really under the mask throughout the film and we’re sure the next movie won’t disappoint in that area. Promotional material and posters for the movie have used the phrase “it’s always someone you know,” which leaves us excited to see if we can figure out who isn’t quite who they seem!

If you ask us, it’s been far too long since we’ve seen Ghost Face on the big screen and we can’t wait for him to make his return. With the release of the new Scream, one of our favorite horror characters will be coming back into the light and will continue to trend throughout 2022. We’re sure we’ll see plenty of Ghost Face costumes by the time Halloween rolls around and we hope to see you in theaters January 14th for the release! Be sure to check out our official Spirit Halloween blog right here for more content on all your favorite horror characters, holidays, costumes, and more! And for some awesome merch from all your favorite horror movies visit us at SpiritHalloween.com!