Who doesn’t love Rick and Morty? With zany, witty adventures by the smartest man in the universe, it’s pretty hard not to dig this amazing show. Here at Spirit, we can’t get enough of Rick and Morty—and yes, we totally lost our minds when they announced that the show had been approved for 70 more episodes! You can celebrate by binge-watching the current seasons, or even by dressing up in our awesome Rick and Morty costumes for Halloween—either way, you’ll be glad to know that Rick and Morty will be here for years to come!

But have you ever wondered which character best fits your personality? If you haven’t before, then you’re probably thinking about it now! Just answer these few questions to find out who you relate to most in the universe of Rick C-137… And remember, cheating is a crime in the eyes of the Galactic Federation!

  1. What’s your favorite midnight snack?
    1. I don’t often snack during the night hours.
    2. Perhaps something caffeinated so I can finish my work.
    3. Whatever’s served at the party!
    4. I, like, totally love chocolate ice cream!
    5. Whatever my friends want to have!
  1. You’re talking to acquaintances at a party. What subject do you bring up?
    1. I would ask how they know our mutual friend.
    2. History—even though most people don’t seem to appreciate it.
    3. I’d ask the DJ to turn up the music!
    4. I would absolutely need to know if they’re single!
    5. I would ask how they are, and make sure they’re having fun!
  1. Are you looking for a relationship?
    1. I’m quick to find my soulmate.
    2. I don’t think I’m ready for commitment just yet.
    3. No way! I’m ridin’ solo for life!
    4. Yes! I can’t wait to get married!
    5. I think relationships with family and friends are more important!
  1. Which one is closest to your favorite color?
    1. Perhaps a nest brown or forest green.
    2. The color of metal.
    3. Bright orange, or maybe yellow!
    4. Definitely pink!
    5. I think all colors are awesome!
  1. If you could travel back in time, where would you go?
    1. It’s best not to meddle in the past.
    2. Back to one of the great wars, where I could document it directly.
    3. To last week’s party, that was freakin’ awesome!
    4. Maybe the ‘80s or ‘90s—so vintage!
    5. To the moment where I first met my friends, and relive the memory!


Mostly A’s: Birdperson

Patient and smart, you’re Birdperson through and through. You keep a level head during tough times and you’re not one to make impulsive decisions. You’re respectful and loyal to your friends, and if they’re smart then they’ll know they’re absolutely lucky to have you.

Mostly B’s: Revolio Clockberg Jr. (AKA Gearhead)

Okay, so you’re not exactly the life of the party—but that doesn’t mean you don’t have good qualities! Just like Gearhead, you’re the biggest history buff around, and some may call you a nerd for it. But you’re always ready to have an intelligent conversation for anyone who’s willing to listen!

Mostly C’s: Squanchy

Whenever Squanchy is on the television screen, you’re probably the most excited person in the room. You love to have fun, especially at awesome parties with your friends. If you’re not the first person on the dancefloor, then you’re definitely the second—right behind your equally crazy friend!

Mostly D’s: Tammy Gueterman

Fashion-forward and quick to give a sassy response, it’s no wonder you’re the Tammy of our universe. People may see you as “just a pretty face” at first, but that’s exactly how you want it. You may have the rest of the universe fooled, but we’re totally onto you.

Mostly E’s: Mr. Poopybutthole

Quite easily the kindest being in the world, you’re just like Mr. Poopybutthole. You just want the best for your friends and family, and it definitely shows in your personality. The people closest to you may not even have a bad memory of you!