Having a hard time deciding on your look for Halloween this year? Why not go with something that suits your unique, trademark personality? Take a few minutes and try out our personality quiz to determine which classic Halloween monster you should suit up as on Halloween night! Results are at the bottom below our last question… No peeking!

1. What is your ideal Saturday vibe?

A. Going grocery shopping and preparing my favorite meal

B. Sleeping in, closing the curtains, and lounging in bed all day

C. Going out on the town and partying all night long!

D. Getting into trouble with my friends

2. Which of these meals would you order at a restaurant?

A. Savory soup full of tasty ingredients

B. Spaghetti with a chunky red sauce

C. Steak… extra rare!

D. Hot wings with the spiciest sauce available!

3. Which of these would be your ideal birthday gift?

A. A shiny, new pot for my kitchen

B. A fuzzy blanket and socks to maximize coziness

C. A telescope for gazing at the moon and stars

D. A set of candles to create the perfect atmosphere

4. You’re getting ready for the day… Pick an outfit!

A. Something enchanting with a stylish hat to complete the look

B. My favorite pair of pajamas… I can get everything done from the couch

C. Ripped flannel and distressed jeans — What more could I need?

D. Something sharp, like a suit… Charming is my middle name!

5. What is your ideal vacation?

A. Exploring the wild marshes and swamps of the Everglades

B. Staycation, binging my favorite shows, and ordering a pizza

C. Camping trip under the stars, bringing only the essentials (and plenty of food)

D. Somewhere tropical where I can lay under the sun and feel the heat!

6. Which of these occupations best suits you?

A. Chemist — I’m a whiz with beakers and hot plates

B. Brain surgeon — If there’s one person that knows their way around a brain, it’s me.

C. Veterinarian — I’m an animal person!

D. Conman — I’m pretty persuasive!

7. Which animal would you want as a pet?

A. Black cat — They aren’t unlucky; they just get a bad rap.

B. Sloth — I need a nap buddy!

C. Dog — They’re the classic choice for a reason!

D. Snake — Some may call them cold, but I think they’re the perfect ssssssidekick.

8. What is your favorite classic Halloween flick?

A. Hocus Pocus

B. Night of the Living Dead

C. The Wolf Man

D. The Exorcist

9. What is your drink of choice?

A. Herbal tea… Brewed to perfection and full of good vibes

B. Chamomile tea… I’m feeling sleepy anyway

C. Energy drink — We’re keeping the energy up all day!

D. Bloody Mary — I prefer a little spice in my drinks!

10. What is your favorite genre of music?

A. Alternative — My playlist is perfectly curated to my tastes!

B. Chill vibes — Lo-fi hip hop all the way

C. Heavy metal — Let’s go wild!

D. Jazz — Something with some soul!

11. How would your best friend describe you?

A. Crafty and artistic, with an eye for the unusual

B. Relaxed, chill, and “go with the flow”

C. Energetic and always down for a good time

D. Feisty, shrewd, and a bit of a troublemaker

12. What is your favorite amusement park ride?

A. Carousel — I love feeling the wind in my hair!

B. Ferris Wheel — Relaxing and slow, just how I like it

C. Rollercoaster — I’m a thrill-seeker… My first stop is the tallest rollercoaster in the place!

D. Bumper cars — I’m a monster behind the wheel

13. What are you binge-watching this weekend?

A. Cooking shows — I’m looking for inspiration!

B. True crime stories — I’ve got a taste for the distasteful

C. Nature documentaries — What’s better than being one with your wild side?

D. Paranormal investigations — I’m interested in anything that goes bump in the night

14. What is your ideal style of home?

A. Modest cottage full of knickknacks and souvenirs

B. Nothing too fancy, somewhere that I can relax and keep to myself

C. Cabin in the woods, surrounded by trees and forest critters

D. High-rise apartment where I can be among the people

15. What is your zodiac sign?

A. Air Sign – Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

B. Earth Sign – Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

C. Water Sign – Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

D. Fire Sign – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Now, the moment of truth… Tally up your answers because it’s time for your results!

Mostly A’s — Witch

If you answered with “A” for the most part, your personality is best suited to that of a spellbinding witch! Witches are clever, crafty, and oh-so enchanting… Whether you’re prepping potions and other mystical brews or practicing incantations from your spellbook, there’s no doubt you’re in tune with your magical side. If you’re looking to cast some hexes and spells this Halloween, check out our collection of witch costumes and accessories. Grab your cauldron and broomstick and practice your cackle, then take to the skies!

Mostly B’s — Zombie

If you chose “B” for most of these questions, you may need to practice your undead shuffle for Halloween this year… Your chill attitude and relaxed outlook on life screams zombie! If you like to take it slow and veg out in your free time, what better classic monster to embody on Halloween night? Lucky for you, we’ve got a wide array of zombie costumes and accessories for every undead look! Whether you’re looking for some bloody gauze, tattered and terrifying costumes, or makeup to complete your ghoulish look, we’re your one-stop shop for your grisly zombie ensemble.

Mostly C’s — Werewolf

If “C” was your most recurring answer on this quiz, get ready to unleash your wild side under the full moon because you’re a werewolf! Werewolves may get a bad rap, but there’s no denying they’re always the life of the party. Let your fondness for nature and wildlife shine on Halloween night when you let out your inner animal. Check out our collection of fuzzy werewolf costumes and accessories and get ready to party under the moon all night long. You’ll look paws-itively terrifying when you’re letting loose until the sun rises.

Mostly D’s — Demon

If you answered “D” for most of the above questions, your personality may be described as a little… devilish. You’re cunning and persuasive, and while some demons may use that for nefarious purposes, you’re not like the rest. You appreciate a little spice in your life and there’s nothing wrong with that! Check out our selection of absolutely demonic costumes and accessories and get ready to conjure up some trouble on Halloween night. You may have a little devil on your shoulder, but who doesn’t, right?

Think you fall into another category of classic monster altogether? Reach out to us at spiritblog@spirithalloween.com and let us know which petrifying persona best suits your unique personality!