If you’re a major Halloween fan, you don’t need an excuse to start celebrating. We’re here to assure you that you don’t have to wait until October or even September to get into a festive mood and show off your love of Halloween! The actual holiday is on October 31, of course, but planning for and getting excited about Halloween and all its traditions can last all year long.

While after Labor Day is generally the most common time people put out Halloween decorations, if you want to start early, don’t let anything or anyone stop you. Especially for those who may have missed out on the full Halloween experience last year, now is your chance to make Halloween 2021 one for the record books! The joy of Halloween is putting your own spin on the holiday, whether you’re into classic pumpkins and orange and black décor or prefer to go for a more haunting, scary Halloween home design.

Spirit Halloween stores will start opening in early August, but our online store is open all year round. This means that July isn’t too early to start decorating for Halloween! We’ll be adding lots of new Halloween décor to our online store in the coming weeks and months so keep on checking for the latest and greatest! We have it all, from outdoor Halloween décor so your lawn can be totally spooky and fun, to indoor Halloween décor so every inch of your home can reflect your taste.

If you do want to decorate for Halloween early, here are some suggestions for how to go about it. Remember that you don’t have to put out all your Halloween decorations right away. If you’re the type who loves to fill every room of your home as well as your lawn with Halloween haunts, you can take your time and tease them out. This will encourage your neighbors to keep checking back in to see what you’ve added.

Perhaps you put up one or two items in July, a few more in August, even more in September, and save the piece de resistance, like a terrifying animatronic, for October. Or give people a surprise when they’re not expecting it and add an inflatable decoration like giant skeleton hands to your yard right before or after Labor Day. The choice is yours! Right now you have plenty of time to decide on the perfect look that represents your Halloween style.

If you’re a pop culture lover, we make it easy to show off your fandom. Horror movie fans will delight in our wide array of officially licensed merchandise such as Trick ‘r Treat décor, to bring Sam and his burlap head into the mix. Or you can decorate your home just like the movies you watch on repeat with our official Hocus Pocus décor so the Sanderson Sisters can haunt your home or Beetlejuice décor such as the popular Light-Up LED Hanging Marquee Beetlejuice Sign. And of course, we can’t forget The Nightmare Before Christmas décor, featuring Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie, Zero, and more!

One easy way of decorating is to add the perfect Halloween lighting, from Ghostbusters Slimer pathway lights to LED projection lights that will bathe your home in the glow of purple and green witches or orange trick or treat pumpkins.

Here are some of our favorite Halloween décor items that can get you started as you plan your festive layout. Whether you’re the type who likes to add a few bits of Halloween cheer sprinkled strategically throughout your home or outside it, or you want to go all out and put on a display that people will drive to see, we’ve got you covered!

Three foot tarot centerpiece

Look ready to tell some fortunes when you lay out this three-foot tarot centerpiece. It’s the perfect way to get yourself and your guests in the right frame of mind.

Beware skull wreath

Set the mood for anyone who approaches your front door when you hang this beware skull wreath! Everyone will know you’re serious about Halloween and that they should keep their eyes open once they set foot inside.

Light-up pentagram wreath

Or you can welcome people to your door with this light-up pentagram wreath! This ancient symbol is sure to get everyone’s attention.

Tarot moonphase fleece blanket

Stay cozy in any season with this tarot moonphase fleece blanket! This blue celestial blanket will look striking on your bed or draped over your couch.

Gothic noir pillows

Embrace your dark side when you decorate with these Gothic noir pillows! With a grey pillow featuring a skeleton’s ribs and torso and roses and a red and black pillow, you’ll be letting your guests know exactly what part of Halloween you enjoy most.

Black Gothic spine candles

Dim the lights, strike a match and set these black Gothic spine candles aglow! You’ll create the perfect spooky mood to prepare everyone for what’s to come.

Ram skull decoration

Let everyone know that you aren’t about hearts and flowers, but prefer a scarier vibe when you hang up this ram skull decoration! This bold piece of décor will look stylish is a perfect conversation starter.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Wood Block X-Mas and Halloween Countdown

If you want to be prepared for the heart of the Halloween season, you can even start a Halloween countdown as the days get closer!

Whenever and however you like to adorn your home and lawn, you’ll find every type of fun Halloween decorations right here at Spirit Halloween!