We’re die-hard Chucky fans here at Spirit Halloween. And as soon as we heard about the Child’s Play reboot, you already know we started searching everywhere for more details. So grab your favorite Chucky merch from the original movies while you check this out. We’ve got all of the details right here.

1. From the Producers of It

If that doesn’t get you excited right off the bat, then we don’t know what will. The remake of It definitely did the original justice, so we’re hoping that the Child’s Play remake also will. And much like the 2016 version of It, we’re assuming that there will be a lot of more modern twists and turns in the 2019 version of Child’s Play. While some may not enjoy that about a remake, we think it makes it a little more realistic for the audience in this day and age, especially those seeing it for the first time.

2. Some of Your Favorite Actors Were Casted

Some well-known actors were casted in lead roles for the Child’s Play reboot. You may have seen Aubrey Plaza, Andy’s mom, in Parks & Recreation, Atlanta actor Brian Tree Henry as the detective, and the legend himself, Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy, voiced as Chucky.

3. There’s No ‘Good Guy’ Doll

According to the Child’s Play official trailer, Chucky’s overalls are labeled as “Buddi” and not “Good Guy.” Apparently, the original Child’s Play creator and co-writer, Don Mancini, called Chucky “Buddy” in the earliest script and even had Chucky’s design based off of the My Buddy doll from back in the 80s. Is this an ode to the film that started it all?

4. Chucky Got a Makeover

Chucky’s hardly shown in the trailers, but you can take a peek at him over on the Child’s Play website. He’s not the scary, bloody doll with stitches we’re used to (or at least that we’ve seen so far). From what we’ve seen, Chucky’s just cute. But maybe a little too cute. We all remember how the first film in the franchise ended, right?

When the 2nd official trailer was released on April 18th, we did see a little more of Chucky which of course showed a close-up of him about to stab someone with his knife. Since he is more of a robot AI-type of doll, we’re really excited to see where this will go.

5. He’s a Robot

What? Exactly. Seems like we may be bypassing the whole voodoo spell that transported Charles Lee Ray into the doll’s body. The first trailer shows Chucky taking some kind of infrared light scan of Andy’s eyes after he takes him out of the box. Strange. So will there even be a backstory behind Chucky? Or will he only be a malfunctioning robot doll? Will Charles Lee Ray even exist at all?

With the second trailer release came more information as to what Chucky really is. They describe the Buddi doll as a toy that can connect to and control all your Kaslan products and smart home devices, like the thermostat, cars, drones, vacuums, speakers, and we’re assuming a lot more. If you have the Buddi app, you’ll even be able to see what Chucky is looking at through his eyes at that very moment. Creepy.

If you go to the Best Buddi website, you’ll find out even more info about Buddi like:

  • Includes cloud-backed voice recognition
  • Capable of identifying speech
  • Comprehends tone
  • Preloaded with ability to fluently speak English and Spanish
  • Comes with option to expand language dialect through app
  • Learns human interaction
  • Has 20 sensors and cameras that provide real-time information
  • Sensors provide high-res images and grip sensitivity

Sounds like a cool toy, but now reread that with a sinister tone, knowing all that Chucky is capable of. Is your heart racing yet?

We really, really tried, but we couldn’t gather any more information than this for now. We’ll basically be scouring the Internet comparing fan theories and re-watching the trailers over and over until we spot something new, but you’ll know where to find us in a few weeks. The Child’s Play reboot premieres in theatres on June 21st.

Watch the Child’s Play official trailers below: