‘Tis the season to ring in some holiday cheer! What better way to do that than with some fun and creative Christmas party themes? While we’re obsessed with all things macabre here at Spirit Halloween, we can’t help but enjoy a good Christmas party. Not sure what theme to go with this year? We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn more about our favorite Christmas party ideas.

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1. Victorian Themed Christmas Party

Believe it or not, many of the Christmas traditions we enjoy today originate from the Victorian era! Even our most famous Christmas stories, Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s ballet adaptation of The Nutcracker and Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, come from this time period! Want to celebrate Christmas like it’s 1873? Gather for a classic Victorian Christmas dinner (fruit cake, figgy pudding, and roasted turkey are a must). You can also make some hand-made Christmas cards and sing some of your favorite classic Christmas carols. If you really want to go all out, we’ve got you covered with some Victorian décor and costumes.

Want to add a little spookiness to your Victorian holiday celebration? We certainly do. Despite what a lot of folks think today, the Victorians were a lot more macabre than they seemed…and they loved to tell ghost stories at their Christmas celebrations! Talk about gothic.

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2. Around the World Themed Christmas Party

Cultures from all over the world celebrate Christmas each year. Why not incorporate the best traditions from across the globe at your next Christmas party? From Christmas piñatas and papel picado in Mexican culture, to German traditions like lebkuchen and Christmas trees, there’s quite literally a whole world of festive foods and activities for you to pull inspiration from.

While planning a multicultural party like this, it’s important to make the distinction between appreciating and appropriating cultures outside of your own. One great way to respectfully show your appreciation for other cultures at your around-the-world party is to feature an array of traditional, global Christmas foods.

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3. Tropical Themed Christmas Party

You’ve heard of Christmas in July…but what about giving your holiday celebration a sunny, tropical flare? Try something new this year and trade in the eggnog and scarves for some piña coladas and shades. Decorate your living space with bright, summery colors, and be sure to incorporate foods like pineapple and coconut into your holiday desserts. Your guests can even sport some tropical accessories if they’re feeling extra festive.

You can even plan a series of themed games for your guests to enjoy, like limbo and coconut races! Setting the mood with some beachy Christmas music helps put the perfect finishing touch on your tropical holiday party, too. Bing Crosby and the Beach Boys, anyone?

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4. Retro-Themed Christmas Party

Let’s face it, that retro Christmas aesthetic can’t be beat. Whether you’re looking for some cozy 50s vibes or a far-out 70s feel, you can’t go wrong with a playlist full of vintage tunes, classic movies, and some quality time with your friends and family. Set the scene with some retro décor (for a classic midcentury look, an aluminum tree and bubble lights are a must), and if you’re feeling adventurous, try out some retro Christmas recipes.

With this Christmas party theme, you and your guests can have even more fun putting together nostalgic, festive outfits. Want to go all out with some vintage-inspired threads? We’ve got you covered for those, too!

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5. Ugly Sweater Themed Christmas Party

Looking for a fun, classic Christmas party theme? An ugly sweater party can’t be beat. While incorporating a contest for the ugliest sweater into your party is a given, there’s so much more you can do with this theme. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Have your sweater-clad guests partake in some Christmas karaoke, or gather some props and décor for a DIY photo booth and make it a night they’ll never forget.

When planning an ugly sweater party, the same rules apply for décor and attire: the cheesier, louder, and more festive, the better! Tinsel and string lights are your best friend. Once you’ve set the mood, take your party to the next level with themed treats like sweater-shaped Christmas cookies and holiday beverages.

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6. Candyland Themed Christmas Party

Looking to keep things sweet this Christmas season? A Candyland-themed Christmas party may be the right fit for you! For this theme, you’ll really want to focus on your holiday spread. A dessert table is a must! Set the scene with cheerful, candy-inspired décor that looks good enough to eat; think candy canes, gingerbread, and gumdrops.

You can also incorporate sweet treats into fun holiday games that all of your guests can enjoy. Popular activities include cookie decorating, gingerbread house-making contests, and cookie swaps, but feel free to try out something new, too!

No matter what party theme you decide to go with, we at Spirit Halloween hope that you have a happy holiday season (though we’ve already started counting down the days until next Halloween). For more scarily-fun holiday content, check out the Spirit Halloween Blog!