This Halloween is the perfect time to rep your favorite TV show and dress up in Ted Lasso costumes! Ted Lasso caught us and AFC Richmond’s faithful fans by surprise. His sunny disposition and inspiring positivity captivated our hearts and won some Emmys, even if his football coaching took some time to develop. He taught everyone to believe in the power of Believe as he defied the odds.  Now you can spread some of that infectious positivity without having to master a biscuit recipe.   

Spirit Halloween has Ted Lasso costumes, clothing, and merch to get in the mood for some humorous, heartwarming football fun. From AFC Richmond uniforms that are fit for the pitch to Lasso’s favorite tracksuit, we’ve got all the Ted Lasso costumes and accessories you need for Halloween fun!   

Ted Lasso Costumes

Recreate that good-natured, mustachioed charm that beams through every seam of Ted Lasso’s tracksuit with our official costumes. We’ve also got costumes for Rebecca Welton and Keeley Jones fans and kids’ costumes if you want to put together a family group costume.

Rebecca and Keeley Costumes

Represent the independent women from your favorite sports comedy this Halloween. We’ve got Keeley costumes if you’re feeling spirited, but you’ve never really cared about football. Consider the Rebecca costume if you’re feeling more stoic and powerful.  

Ted Lasso Clothing

You can work some Ted Lasso look into your everyday life with this signature sweater that’s perfect for colder weather, on or off the pitch. Layer this sweater with a light collared shirt to complete Ted’s wholesome look. We also have a “Believe” hat to incorporate some of Ted’s optimistic outlook into your everyday vibe.  

Ted Lasso Merch

We’ve got essential Ted Lasso merch to help provide some goldfish-minded mood boosts throughout the day. Believe in the power of belief, with our mug and decal. These are perfect when you need a little pep talk on your coffee break or a small reminder stuck on your laptop or keys to keep you going. These also make great birthday or Christmas gifts for any of the Ted Lasso fans in your life.    

Did Ted Lasso inspire you? Make you Laugh? Tug at your heartstrings? Tag us @spirithalloween on social media if it was all of the above! And keep checking our blog for all of your Halloween costume and pop culture-related news!