We all know that clowns are universally terrifying, so there’s no need to pretend that these makeup-covered ghouls inspire fun or laughter. Whether it’s the exaggerated expressions or our inability to know their true intentions behind the costume, it seems that their sole purpose is to scare us. An increasing number of books, movies, and TV shows since the 1980s have taught us that.

We have tons of items that embrace the frightening clown vibe. These are our best scary clown costumes, merch, and décor to trigger coulrophobia.


We have everything you need to turn your house into a nightmare circus. We can help you outfit a large home haunt, a scary front porch, or even just help you with your home Halloween décor. Prepare to enter our world of surreal and terrifying clown decorations!


Our animatronic characters are as iconic as they are terrifying. Scare everyone in your neighborhood with our array of pulse-quickening creatures that work equally well in yards, on porches, and in front windows. From the over-the-top laughs of Heckles to the unsettling smile of Poor George, we have enough terrifying clown animatronics to fill a Halloween house of horrors.

Home and Outdoor Décor

Turn your Halloween home décor into a circus-themed nightmare with our selection of scary clown decorations. We’ve got lights, hanging decorations, and large inflatable lawn decorations to satisfy all your demented Halloween décor needs.


There are a few good reasons why we’re scared of clowns, so clown costumes are a great way to make sure you send a chill down everyone’s spine on Halloween. Check out our extensive collection of creepy clown looks for kids and adults. To add an extra element to your spooky circus-themed home haunt or Halloween home décor, you can even dress up our Dummy Prop in any of the kids’ extra-large or adult small creepy clown costumes.


When it comes to evil clowns, you can choose masks or makeup to make your clown face. Using makeup allows you to create a custom look and use your own facial expressions while in character. We have a ton of makeup options you can use to create your own custom clown style, from subdued to scary and over-the-top.


If you don’t want to spend the time creating your own clown face or deal with the mess or the removal of makeup, you can choose a mask for your terrifying clown look. We have a selection of goofy and terrifying masks to startle even the bravest souls on Halloween night.


Sometimes evil clowns need accessories to complete their look. Whether you want scary scissors, wacky hammers, or even freak show-inspired bags, we’ve got the props you need to send anyone at the circus running for the exit.

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