Have you ever been lost in a corn maze? Like, really lost? 2020 was kind of like that, but for a whole year. While a lot of long-awaited events were cancelled in 2020, Halloween forged on from our porches, living rooms, and computer screens.

At Spirit Halloween, we welcomed every chance to escape reality through costume, decoration, and lore, even if only for a moment. We used our blog to suggest Halloween activities, tell ghost stories, share supernatural facts, and so much more.

In case you missed them, here are a few of our favorite posts!

Shawn Houlihan, Content Supervisor

Spirit Employees Share Their Chilling Encounters with Real Ghosts

12 Chilling Urban Legends Guaranteed to Make You Lose Sleep Tonight

I’m obsessed with paranormal stories, so hearing about other people’s experiences always interests me, and urban legends are always cool to learn about.

Brandon Cintron, Copywriter

7 Safe Halloween Party Ideas for 2020

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, so picking something to do with Halloween was a no-brainer. And who doesn’t enjoy a party every now and again? Being in the situation we’re in, this list had some great alternatives to celebrate.

Most Searched 2020 Halloween Costumes Are Witch, Doctor and Harley Quinn, According to Google Frightgeist

I always love seeing this list because it helps me to think of what’s going to be popular that year. I’m always surprised to see all the results and it helps me pick something for myself, too.

Veronica Stranahan, Copywriter

Spirit Halloween 2020 In-Store Experience

I spent some time chasing down products and writing copy from the inside of a Spirit store this year, but I kind of forgot to stop and smell the roses. This highly descriptive blog post makes me feel like I’m getting the full in-store Spirit Halloween experience. Spooky!

12 Fascinating Vampire Facts

Do you know how to kill a vampire? Have you heard of Porphyria? This blog post answered all of my vampire related questions, and I’m secretly looking forward to dropping some knowledge on my friends at our next Halloween party.

Rachel Kramer Bussel, Copywriter

10 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

I just admit that I’m not very good at home décor, and leave most of it up to my partner. I’m also not very crafty, but this post made decorating pumpkins sound so fun and easy it’s inspired me to try it for Halloween 2021!

Dress-Up Ideas to Keep Bored Kiddos Entertained

I can’t get enough of the excitement kids have at Halloween. I live vicariously through all my cousins and parent friends. I love that this post offered ideas for dressing up throughout the year, because what kid is going to turn down the chance to transform themselves for an afternoon?

Tyler Douris, Copywriter

12 Chilling Urban Legends Guaranteed to Make You Lose Sleep Tonight

Urban legends are something I’ve been obsessed with since I was five years old. I would always ask my dad to tell me a new story about the Jersey Devil or Bloody Mary. This blog post hit home. It also showed me several urban legends that I didn’t know about before. I won’t be sleeping tonight.

10 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

We were quarantined during Halloween this year, so people had to find new ways to celebrate. I love this blog because that’s what it provides. It gives kids a safe and fun alternative way to embrace spooky season.

Make that thrilling Halloween feeling last all year long by keeping up with our blog in 2021!