I know it’s hard to believe, but Halloween 2023 is almost here! Getting a Halloween costume is one of the most fun things you can do as a kid, and we can help you make sure they have a memorable night. It will be here before we know it, so let’s look at the 12 coolest kids’ costumes for Halloween 2023.

1. Stick Figures

Viral videos of people wearing these costumes keep popping up on TikTok, and for good reason! When you turn off the lights, these not only look amazing, but they’re hilarious. Whether you’re dancing or just taking pictures at night, these will get hours of laughs.

2. Werewolves

Let your kids and their imaginations run wild this Halloween with these fun and scary lycanthropic looks. We also have a variety of werewolf costumes for all ages, including a selection of makeup and accessories that are perfect for anyone ready to howl at the Halloween moon.

3. Unicorns

Kids will have a blast in this outlandish inflatable costume. Silly, hilarious, and easy to put on, this ensures a cool costume happens without a lot of makeup, an intricate hairstyle, or numerous accessories to keep track of. This unicorn costume will inspire laughter and admiration from people of all ages. Check out our extensive selection of unicorn costumes and accessories, like makeup, jewelry, wigs, and more!

4. Vampires

From outfits and makeup to fake blood and fangs, we have everything kids need to bring their ideal vampire costume to life. Vampire looks can be as scary or sophisticated as the character your kid imagines. Make sure your children of the night get the right costumes to properly terrorize the neighborhood on Halloween. Learn more about vampires on our blog!

5. Western

Settle the Wild West with swagger and style in these fun cowboy and cowgirl costumes. Add accessories and these will look like they just stepped out of the O.K. Corral. Get yours before the candy caravan rides out into the sunset.

6. Witches

Whether it’s a whimsical witch, a wicked witch, or a glitter witch, we’ve got the right witch costume for your favorite coven member. Pair your look with the right accessories and a cauldron to ensure there’s plenty of double, double toil, and trouble this year.

7. T. Rex

This costume will always be funny. It’s hard not to chuckle at the sight of this bouncing, bobbing T. Rex mouth and tiny front arms when it occasionally pops up on our social feeds. Easy to put on and worth every moment for the videos you’ll get, this now-classic inflatable costume gets better every year.

8. Aquatic Wheelchair-Friendly Costumes

Make waves on Halloween with these awesome deep-sea-themed costumes. Both looks include adaptive costume blankets and accessories to get your kid ready to swim through one of the best Halloween nights ever! Explore some of our additional accessories and makeup to complete their oceanic look.

9. Skeletons

What’s more iconic than a skeleton costume on October 31st? Make sure your kids have everything they need to rattle some bones this Halloween, with rainbow, rebellious, and glow-in-the-dark outfits for every kind of skeletal Halloween vibe.

10. Aliens

Let your kids express their sci-fi side with these extra-extraterrestrial looks. Some are scary, some are silly, and some are stylish. They’ll be ready to invade the streets (and the planet) with these otherworldly Halloween looks. If they’re true believers, they might even still be thinking about World UFO Day.

11. Spirit Halloween Animatronics

We take the character design for our animatronics seriously, so we’re honored that people respond to them the way they do! People collect them and use them to bring their home haunts to life. These costumes allow kids to dress up like two of our favorite characters and scare everyone on Halloween as much as our animatronics do. If your kids can’t get enough of our animatronics, check out our Animatronic Mad Libs!

12. Creepy Dolls

What better way to ensure your kids scare everyone on Halloween than by getting them a creepy doll costume? Some of our doll costumes are wind-up, some are marionettes, and some are creepy and broken. All of them guarantee scary Halloween fun. Do you ever wonder why dolls are so creepy? We’ve got answers!

Spirit Halloween is home for all your Halloween costume needs. Check out our wide selection of costumes for the whole family! Also, consider donating to Spirit of Children online or in your local Spirit store. 100 percent of your donation supports Child Life departments in local hospitals all over the country. Get to know more about Spirit of Children’s work here.