Halloween is approaching quickly, so you may have already started to look for themed, group costumes for the whole family. Group costumes are one of the best ways to show your seasonal spirit while having fun together. We have tons of options for matching funny, scary, or creative costumes to fit your family’s vibe and ensure you get some great pictures. Read on for the 10 best family costumes that will guarantee family fun on Halloween.


Keep track of your busy little bees on Halloween night with these funny bee and beekeeper costumes. Is your family hyperactive and constantly running around? Look the part in these beekeeper outfits as you chase your buzzing hive around all night during a Halloween party or while trick-or-treating.


Make sure that you and your children of the night get the right costumes to torment the neighborhood this Halloween. From outfits and makeup to fake blood and fangs, we have everything you need to bring your family vampire costumes to life. We even have a selection of jewelry and props to elevate your nocturnal looks. Get into character by reading up on your vampire facts before you leave the castle on Halloween night.


This has been a big year for the Minions, in theaters and on social media. Let your family’s favorite movie series give you hours of Halloween hilarity with this family set of Minions costumes. You can dress as Stuart the Minion, Bob the Minion, or go for any other of our generic Minion looks. From full costumes to ready-to-wear items like dresses and t-shirts, we have everything you need to have a blast running around while you show off the Minion voice you’ve been practicing.

Scary Clowns

These costumes are for the horror-friendly family who loves to scare everyone on Halloween night. We have everything you need to turn your family into either a goofy troupe or the star performers of a nightmare circus. From funny to frightening, use our collection of props and makeup to complete your carnival look. Just remember the clown code when you apply makeup: a clown never copies another clown’s face paint.


Your whole family can rattle some bones this Halloween with our selection of rainbow, rebellious, and glow-in-the-dark costumes for every skeletal vibe. Everyone can easily rock this iconic Halloween look without needing extra accessories to carry around. Skeleton costumes are versatile and work well with layered clothing in colder weather, so they can be ideal when temperatures drop.


Whether you want people to laugh or run away in fear, we have kooky and spooky scarecrow costumes for all ages. These looks blend a summer and Halloween aesthetic, giving your family fall vibes that make for great photos.

Light-Up Stick Figures

These keep popping up on social media over the last few years, and for good reason! When you turn off the lights, these not only look amazing, but they’re hilarious. Whether you’re dancing or just taking pictures at night, these costumes will guarantee hours of animated Halloween fun. They’re also a great option for the family who can’t agree on a specific theme.


These costumes are perfect for the family who loves sea creatures. We have awesome looks for sharks of all sizes that are sure to get some laughs and scare everyone away from the beach. Put these on and hear people immediately start singing either that song or that movie soundtrack.


If your family is more like a pack of wolves than a group of humans, these are the perfect costumes for you. Let yourselves run wild this Halloween with these fun and scary full moon looks. We have a variety of werewolf costumes for all ages, including a selection of makeup and accessories that are perfect for anyone ready to celebrate Howl-oween night.

Age Reversal

This combination of looks is sure to get some laughs from everyone who sees you. Have the kids work on their grandparent voices while you dress up in anything that seems childish. Let the kids be the responsible ones and you can throw a fit when it’s time to go home or stop eating candy. Maybe it’ll be good for everyone to learn other family members’ perspectives.

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