When fashion meets history and gets a dose of technological features, magic happens… Dive deep into steampunk style at Spirit Halloween!

That’s right, folks! You heard it here first: Steampunk costumes and accessories are at Spirit Halloween! From Halloween to cosplay, steampunk is rapidly becoming popular in art, fashion, and media. For those of you who don’t know, steampunk is a unique mixture of Victorian era (1800s) style and old-yet-modern technology (which is powered by steam) to create a look that’s unlike any other. While it’s been around for quite a while, it’s definitely soared in popularity over the last some odd years after being seen in everything from movies and musicals to novels and fashion trends. In 2005, the world’s first-ever Steampunk clothing company, Steampunk Couture, was founded by Kate Lambert, better known as Kato. Soon after that, this Victorian-meets-post-apocalyptic trend began trickling into mainstream fashion through the likes of high-end designers such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior.

Are you ready to dive into the world of steampunk and all that it has to offer? The wait is over! We’ve got everything you need to get started.

What makes a steampunk costume?

Because most steampunk-themed stories are either set in the reimagined past or dystopian-like future, steampunk often has an earthy-yet-otherworldly quality. Metallic gears and clock cogs are typically used to accent clothing, and velvety, leather-like material is not only an accurate depiction, it’s durable and lightweight. This aesthetic can be seen in some of our most popular steampunk costumes, such as our Adult Madame Steampunk Costume and our Adult Steampunk Traveler Costume.

What kind of steampunk accessories should I use?

Steampunk style is anything but minimalist. Accessories like goggles, metallic gear earrings, leather gloves, brass details–and even walking canes–are a must when bringing your steampunk look to life. When completing your steampunk-inspired costume, consider these fun accessories–but remember, the most important part of steampunk is its uniqueness and individuality, so make sure your costume also features your own personal sense of style.

How do I put it all together?

The most important rule in almost any hobby or project is to always be true to yourself and just have fun. Steampunk is all about self-expression and creating a look that’s all your own, so why not go all out on your costume? Build your own unique look from top to bottom on our DIY Steampunk page and see for yourself just how much fun you can have!

DID YOU KNOW? SalonCon, a convention movement solely dedicated to steampunk, was founded in 2006 and ran for three consecutive years. Since then, several steampunk conventions have been held all around the world, including SteamCon and the Steampunk World’s Fair.