There’s a viral meme format making its way around the internet, and Spirit Halloween is its muse. The meme involves creating an image of a Spirit Halloween costume package (a fake one, obviously). The package includes a costume name, a picture, and even a list of contents. Some are hilarious and others are bizarre, but nearly all of these memes have been shared on social media enough times to get our attention here at Spirit Halloween!

We’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite memes from the #SpiritHallowMeme craze.

1. Jason and Travis Kelce

FOX Sports: NFL takes to Twitter to draw a striking comparison between Jason and Travis Kelce.

Jason Kelce Costume
Travis Kelce Costume

2. Short King

Everyone loves a short king, including Sour Patch Kids on Twitter.

Short King Costume

3. Wawa Lover

Wawa is a way of life. If you know you know, and Wawa on Instagram definitely knows.

Wawa Lover Costume

4. Unprepared Hiker

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources on Twitter reminds us to hike responsibly.

Unprepared Hiker Costume

5. Reba McEntire

She’s a survivor, y’all. @Justin_E_Preece on Twitter imagines this Reba-in-a-bag concept.

Reba Costume

6. 30-Minute Phone Call

@TrungTPhan on Twitter presents the “scariest costume ever.”

Phone Call Costume

7. Cream E. Biggums

Instagram user @spiceadams shares a made-up ensemble that includes a “plethora & barrage of moves.”

Cream E. Biggums Costume

8. Fourplex

The Welcoming Neighbors Network @WNNProHousing on Twitter shares a costume idea that fits seamlessly into any neighborhood.

Fourplex Costume

9. Professional Talker

Even Ryan Seacrest on Twitter has hopped on the #SpiritHallowMeme bandwagon.

Professional Talker Costume

10. Karen Dog

This dog shared by @mistermainer1 on Instagram would like to speak to a manager immediately.

Karen Dog Costume

11. DJ Dip

@diplo takes to Instagram to share this DJ DIP costume captioned, “Heard most of these are sold out.”

DJ Dip Costume

12. Dinner Party

“Spirit Halloween costumes are getting way too scary and they have to be stopped,” Tweets @jack_dire in reference to this spooky dinner party costume.

Dinner Party Costume

13. The Weatherman

This weatherman costume shared by @RossCarusoTV takes Twitter by storm.

Weatherman Costume

Keep the memes coming! Share your best costume ideas on social media using the hashtag #SpiritHallowMeme.