The creepy side of the stars. ☠️

Your sign’s monthly HORRORscope for September is *finally* here. With detail-orientated Virgo ruling over all of us, it’s time to bust out your magnifying glass and embrace your inner detective.

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Keep Your Eye on These Dates…

  • September 4: Jupiter retrograde
  • September 14: New moon in Virgo
  • September 22: Sun enters Libra
  • September 29: Full moon in Aries

What’s Happening with Your Zodiac Sign?

Warning: Mercury is in retrograde from August 23rd to September 14th. And what’s spookier than that? Nothing. But who better than Virgo to guide us into the most wonderful time of the year? This grounded earth sign is not the type to get easily spooked (unless we’re talking about planning a last-minute costume or forgetting to buy the BEST Halloween candy). However, Mercury retrograde is bringing major tricks AND treats this month, so you can expect Virgo season to come bearing bouts of deja vu, psychic powers, and undeniable telepathic links.

Virgo’s meticulous, all-seeing nature is on the stars’ side this month, but don’t let poor decisions come back to haunt you…

What September’s Horrorscope Means for *You*

See what cosmic curveballs the stars are throwing this month. (Don’t forget to check your rising sign, too.)


You’re dancing with the devil this month, Aries. Literally. Your Halloween playlist is on full-volume 24/7, you’re spending your days shopping for the hottest fall décor, and you’re already planning your show-stopping Halloween costume. With Virgo igniting your sign’s meticulous magic, you’re laser-focused on creating the perfect haunted house this year.

As the September 14th new moon shows its face, you’re working hard so you can play harder this upcoming Halloween.


Something spooky is definitely in the air this month. Remember, Taurus, the ghosts of your past are in the past for a reason, so leave them there! There’s nothing wrong with taking a trip down memory lane, but don’t forget why you buried those relationships in the first place. Instead, be inspired to express this energy into more artistic endeavors like writing spells in your grimoire or carving a pumpkin (in the name of Samhain, of course.)

The September 14th new moon recharges your super strength. Nobody wants to mess with your inner bull this month (or they might get the horns).


Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, Gemini. This is your reminder that occasionally being a little anti-social is okay, especially when the stars urge you to stay home this month. Don’t worry; you’ll still be the life of every upcoming spooky-themed gathering! This month, prepare for your insatiable thirst for knowledge to lead you down some supernatural rabbit holes.

Don’t be surprised if your friends start coming to you for late-night phone calls when they can’t shake off the feeling that they’re being watched—your logical nature will be the only thing that can soothe their fears.


You’re diving headfirst into spooky season, Cancer. We’re talking about haunted hayrides, pumpkin picking, and scary movie nights galore! Scaredy cat, who? Your intuition is running high, so you may be more susceptible to things that go bump in the night…

Remember to ground yourself with calming rituals like tending to your plants or burning incense. Use your knack for creative expression to channel any anxious energy into spooky crafts or write some eerie poetry.


Get ready to shine like a jack-o’-lantern, Leo, because Virgo season is your time to take center stage in the spotlight! Your natural flair for drama and love of attention aligns perfectly with the spirit of Halloween. You’re not just attending spooky gatherings—you’re the life of the party, dazzling everyone with your elaborate costumes and infectious energy.

Expect to be the ringleader of haunted hayrides, eerie escape rooms, and pumpkin-carving extravaganzas!


There’s no one better than you to take us into the Halloween season, Virgo. This month, you’re the ultimate organizer, ensuring that every detail of your hauntingly chic birthday party is perfectly planned. From pumpkin carving contests to meticulously curated playlists, you’ve got it all under control. BTW, how does a murder mystery dinner sound?

As the month progresses, make sure to carve out time for self-care. Your dedication to others might leave you feeling drained, so indulge in calming rituals like journaling, meditation, or even a solo scary movie night. Oh, and Happy Birthday!


Get ready to dance through the month, Libra, because September is bringing a balance of fright and delight to your life. As the social butterfly of the zodiac, you organize elegant costume parties and charmingly eerie gatherings that have everyone talking. Your eye for enchanting aesthetics ensures that every decoration and detail is perfectly balanced. How dreadful!

Whether a virtual séance or a haunted hayride, your graceful presence turns every gathering into a totally magical affair.


The Halloween season is where Scorpios come alive, and September promises to be a month of intense and mysterious vibes for you. Prepare to dive deep into the realms of the supernatural! You’re drawn to tales of dark magic, ancient curses, and haunted places like a moth to a flame. Your fascination with the mysterious might lead you to explore the history of witchcraft or even try ghost hunting, which pays homage to the occult!

Scorpio, your magnetic and enigmatic aura is at its peak! Take advantage of it.


Prepare for a wild and adventurous ride through spooky season, Sagittarius! Your love for exploration and excitement perfectly aligns with this month’s eerie energy. You’re not just embracing the spookiness – you’re turning it into an epic adventure for everyone around you!

Remember to take care of yourself amidst all the excitement. Your tendency to be constantly on the move might leave you feeling a bit drained. Make time for quiet moments of reflection, whether under the stars or cozied up with a spooky book.


Prepare for a month of frightful fun, Capricorn. You’re organizing ghost tours, pumpkin carving contests, and horror movie marathons. Your friends and loved ones admire your ability to create memorable experiences with just enough chills and frills. Your steady presence helps everyone feel safe, even amid the eeriest of tales!

Remember to take breaks from your organized plans to enjoy the spontaneity of the season. Allow yourself to get lost in a spine-tingling book or join your friends on a midnight adventure. Think less structure, more fun!


Your open-mindedness shines during this time, Aquarius, making you an excellent companion for supernatural explorations. While others might be spooked, you’re eager to learn, question, and even challenge the norms of all things mysterious and paranormal. You’re not just embracing the eerie vibes – but infusing them with your own brand of quirky charm and innovation.

Get ready for a month of unforgettable and unconventional spooky adventures!


Pisces, your romantic and dreamy aura is at its peak! If you’re in a relationship, plan a magical evening under the stars, complete with stargazing and sharing your deepest dreams (or nightmares). If you’re single, don’t be surprised if someone who shares your love for the mystical captures your attention…

Your soothing presence turns scary moments into opportunities for emotional connection this month.

How are you preparing for spooky season? By reading your horrorscope, we hope! Don’t ghost us! Come back next month for Spirit Halloween’s Monthly Horrorscope for October.