Happy astrological New Year, witches! This month’s forecast is cloudy with a chance of PAIN. 💀


March 9: Mercury enters Aries

March 10: Pisces new moon

March 11: Venus enters Pisces

March 20: Aries season begins

March 22: Mars enters Pisces

March 25: Libra full moon lunar eclipse

What to Expect from March 2024:

March holds an ominous significance, especially this year. Sensing spirits lurking from the unknown? Blame it on the astrological New Year. As the sun creeps into Aries on March 20th, it signals the onset of a new astrological cycle, the spring equinox, and the start of Aries season. Seize this moment to cast your yearly intentions.

As Mercury makes its way into the fiery embrace of Aries on March 9th, beware of the flames that ignite. With its impulsive nature, this sign fuels the flames of recklessness in all who dare to tread its path. Guard your tongue, for words spoken in haste may unleash untold horrors upon the unsuspecting…

As the lunar eclipse casts an ominous shadow on March 25th, beware of fate’s shifting tides. Some doors swing shut while others creak open, beckoning forth the unknown horrors that lurk beyond! Let go of what binds you to the ghosts of the past, and embrace the terrifying beauty of fresh starts.

March 2024 Monthly Horoscopes by Zodiac Sign:

Check out your sun, moon, and rising sign horoscope for March 2024!


Welcome, Aries, to your solar return! As the pioneer of the zodiac, your steps carve the path for the year’s dark journey. You feel extra fiery, feisty, and ready to guide the signs through spring.

Heed this warning: Beware the thin line between confidence and arrogance…


As Pisces season fades, Aries season awakens a dormant darkness within you, Taurus. Your 12th house sparks solitude, calling for some major introspection. The social whirlwind leaves you drained; a mindful cleanse is necessary. Prioritize self-care and ground yourself with journaling, gardening, or early Halloween shopping.


Career and creativity are your best ghouls this month, Gemini. Aries’ influence ignites ambitions, but beware the sun’s blaze… Networking is important, but tread cautiously, for hidden dangers lurk in the shadows of collaboration.

The eclipse on March 25th casts a dark light on your path, sparking a release from whatever is holding you back.


Prepare for a bone-chilling journey, Cancer. The spring breeze whispers sinister promises of adventure this month. Your ninth house is awakened, forcing you to ditch your homebound ways and embrace the unknown. But beware, for in the depths of wanderlust lies something lurking…


This month demands fire, Leo! As the emotional weight from Pisces season lifts, your sparks begin to ignite. Your energy guides you through this month with insufferable ease. You are the haunting main attraction this month. Just remember to keep your witches close and your ill-wishers closer…


Beware, Virgo, for spring’s allure deceives. The sun’s gaze pierces your eighth house, stirring desires for spooky fun. But tread cautiously, for beneath the surface lies darkness. As the new moon approaches, beware of what you manifest, for it may bring more than you bargained for!


 Beware of the shadows cast by the New Year’s arrival, Libra. The sun’s gaze pierces your seventh house, amplifying your connections. But as the lunar eclipse looms, brace yourself for a chilling reset. Emotions may surge, but don’t worry; it won’t last forever.


Scorpio, brace yourself, for the depths of your unhinged era know no bounds. Flames of chaos reign! Embrace the frenzy with to-do lists, but beware of overdoing it. Spring cleaning may reveal hidden horrors, and the lunar eclipse promises much drama.


Beware, Sagittarius, as the sun ignites your fifth house, stirring passions and recklessness. Spring’s allure sings a sweet song, but do not be fooled! As Mars crashes through Pisces, emotions surge, threatening to consume you. You must release what binds you!


As the sun’s gaze pierces your fourth house, ancestral ghosts stir. Prioritize family, but beware of the echoes of generational wounds. As the lunar eclipse approaches, darkness looms.  Proceed with caution, for not all wounds can be mended.


Aquarius, beware of spending as spring’s allure tempts. Excess is not always the answer. Embrace your social circle but tread cautiously, for drama lies within. Aries’ influence stirs stubbornness, and the eclipse season threatens major upheaval. Choose your battles wisely.


Pisces leads us into the astrological year’s end. Aries season brings not only boldness but a sinister heat. Your very soul trembles with change, shedding the skin of old connections and possessions. Embrace the darkness, for that’s where the truth lies!

Happy astrological New Year, witches! We can’t wait to tell you about 2024’s upcoming celestial events, retrogrades, and Halloween hoots.