Happy New Year, witches! Only 304 days until Halloween. 💀


  • January 1: End of Mercury Retrograde
  • January 4: Mars enter Capricorn
  • January 11: Capricorn New Moon
  • January 20: Sun enters Aquarius
  • January 20: Pluto enters Aquarius
  • January 25: Full Moon in Leo
  • January 27: End of Uranus retrograde

What’s Happening with Your Zodiac Sign?

It’s time to explore the scary side of the stars and see what this year has in store for your poor, immortal soul. This month is all about Aquarius, so watch out, ghouls. These bewitching water bearers are ready to shake things up this January.

This month, we’re leaving Capricorn season and entering The Age of Aquarius. So get ready for lots of ghosting, embracing your inner weirdo, and strutting the streets in last year’s Halloween costume (because why not?).

How January 2024 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Impending doom and eternal dread. JK (kind of). See below for what this season has in store for your star sign (and your rising sign, too).


Because the sun is floating through your eleventh house of community, your ultra-independent nature may be replaced with some scaredy cat tendencies. No more watching scary movies alone, Aries! If we were you, we’d make it a point to surround ourselves with your best ghouls and ghosts this month…


You’re taking your new year’s resolutions to a new level this year, Taurus. With the sun activating your tenth house of career, you’re *finally* entering your big, bad boss era. The cosmic catwalk is yours, so rock those mystical vibes confidently.

With Jupiter and Uranus spending the first half of 2024 in Taurus, you feel anything but grounded. But remember, even a witch needs her beauty sleep, so give your broomstick some time to recharge this month.


With the sun soaring through your ninth house of adventure, Aquarius season is a highly productive time for you. Embrace the duality of your twin self as you navigate the magical mayhem of the new year. Our crystal ball foretells a month of flirtatious hexes and mysterious potions, so brew up a storm and watch the universe fall under your spell.


Happy New Year, cautious Cancers. Let your nurturing nature walk on the wild (and witchy) side this month. Because the sun is moving through your eighth house of death, some intense supernatural or occult themes may be brewing. Watch out for the ghosts of your past, Cancer; it’s time to let them go.


Welcome to 2024, Leo. Picture a celestial stage where you’re the star of the show (of course), and the universe is your bewitched audience. In true Aquarius fashion, prepare to dress in glamorous, occult-inspired attire that makes even the spirits take notice. You may be craving extra attention or socialization (I mean, when aren’t you?), but even more so this month.


This month, Virgo, you’re the alchemist of the occult, so let the magic of the new year unfold like a crafted spell book, with each page revealing a new enchanting surprise! The sun is moving through your sixth house of wellness and daily routine, which means it’s all about you and your witches this month. You’ll want to practice your spells a little extra this month.


New year, new boo-friends? With the sun moving through your fifth house of romance and self-expression, 2024 brings new opportunities for you to show off the meticulous enchantress that you are. Planets transiting the fifth house often spark artistic moments that boost our confidence. So, maybe spice things up in the coven this month?


While Capricorn season is a social time for Scorpios, Aquarius season moves the sun into your fourth house of home life. Your homebody habits will only be elevated later this month. As you navigate the cosmic realms of the new year, your mysterious, hypnotic draw can’t help but pull others into the depths of your bewitching aura. Beware of the ghostly whispers in the dark; they carry messages from realms beyond.


Feeling a little stagnant, Sag? Don’t worry. The cosmic winds are blowing the sun through your third house of communication. This month, let your words be the magic that propels you through the cosmos; this is where true adventure lies!

Our crystal ball says you might even receive some juicy information about your inner circle…


Thanks for guiding us smoothly into the new year, Capricorn. Brace yourself as the chill of Aquarius season descends, bringing a haunting aura that seeps into the very foundations of your ambitions. Shadows linger in the corners of your disciplined mind, and the air is thick with the unknown.

With intense Pluto completing its 16-year-long cruise in Capricorn, you can breathe a sigh of relief. After 16 years of helping the signs move onto things bigger and better, you now have the time to focus on yourself.


Aquarius, as your season unfolds, brace yourself for a chilling journey into the depths of your eccentricity. The cosmic winds blow with an unsettling force, stirring up shadows that dance with the rhythm of your unconventional spirit.

Undoubtedly the most innovative, proudly rebellious, and humanitarian of the zodiac, you plan to spend the new year starting a revolution in your funkiest outfit yet. Happy Birthday, water bearers!


As the eerie Aquarius season embraces you, Pisces, be prepared for a journey into the depths. The cosmic tides are unpredictable, and the emerging shadows may cast unsettling reflections on the waters of your soul. With the sun moving through your twelfth house of spirituality, you may be operating on a different plane than those around you.

Pro tip? Pay close attention to your dreams this month. Your intuitive nature may be trying to tell you something.

Happy New Year to all those counting down the days until Halloween 2024! We can’t wait to tell you about this year’s upcoming celestial events, retrogrades, and more modern mysticism.