⚠️ Warning! Spooky summertime vibes ahead.


  • May 2nd: Pluto Retrograde begins in Aquarius
  • May 7th: New moon in Taurus
  • May 15th: Mercury enters Taurus
  • May 21st: Sun enters Gemini
  • May 23rd: Sagittarius full moon

What to Expect from May 2024:

Your May Horrorscope has arrived, and there’s a touch of mystery in the air! With Taurus season in full swing, it’s as if the ground beneath you is becoming steadier. This is your opportunity to relax and recharge after the fiery chaos of Aries season. Taurus is guided by Venus, the planet of beauty and comfort, so take a moment to savor the simple pleasures. Try a scary movie marathon with your favorite treats!

Get ready for a month filled with fun, surprises, and maybe even a hint of magic!

May 2024 Monthly Horoscopes by Zodiac Sign:

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The weather’s getting hotter, but you’re starting to feel a chill, Aries. As the sun stalks your third house of communication, you’re suddenly finding your voice. Something about the sun staying out past 5 p.m. gets your blood pumping! It makes you want to pack your social calendar with haunted house visits, ghost story sleepovers, and maybe even a mysterious road trip!


Your season fits you like a comfy, cozy sweater, Taurus! You’re cruising at your own speed, and the other signs are right behind you. Time for a halfway to Halloween shopping spree? Definitely!


It’s almost your season and the spotlight is on you, Gemini. As the first air sign of the zodiac new year, you’re stirring up a whirlwind of mysterious energy. Taurus season might have lulled you into a dreamy haze, but now you’re stepping into the light.

Whether it’s a creepy costume party or a murder mystery party, you’re the life of the event.


A mysterious part of your chart is coming to life this month, Cancer. The warm summer breeze is carrying whispers from the unseen world! Take some time to rest and recharge—whether it’s reading a spooky story, strolling under the moonlight, or hosting a cozy full moon party for one.

This is your gentle reminder to be kind to yourself during this soulful summertime season. You never know what might be lurking in the shadows, so take it easy and trust your instincts.


It might not be your season yet, Leo, but you constantly find yourself in the spooky spotlight. What is the key to unlocking all your wishes this month? Teaming up with your boo crew! It might feel like stepping into the unknown, but trust your instincts. Sometimes, the best collaborations come from unexpected places.


As Taurus gives way to the mysterious vibes of Gemini season, your Mercury energy comes alive, Virgo. Gemini’s haunting undertones carry whispers of hidden opportunities. Engage with others—every conversation could reveal a secret, and every meeting might unlock new doors!


Libra, shaking up your routine can be like venturing into the unknown—exhilarating, slightly unnerving, yet so rewarding! That’s the essence of Gemini season. It’s the perfect time to plan a trip, so don’t wait—book that spooky summer vacation before it’s too late!


This season might awaken some deep, dark emotions, Scorpio. It’s a haunting time, perfect for opening up about your feelings to friends, family, and those closest to you. It’s also ideal to explore your dreams and venture into the eerie unknown with your fave ghouls! 


Ready for a spooky stroll through your connections, Sagittarius? Take a moment to reflect on your bonds and consider which ones are worth nurturing—and which ones should stay in the shadows. It’s all part of figuring out which relationships deserve the spotlight and which are better left in the dark…


Get ready for some summer vibes with a spooky twist, Capricorn! This month, you’re feeling sharp as a blade. Explore new ways to boost your self-care routine through fitness, meditation, or some other magical method. Trust us, adding a little extra mindful magic to your day can make a big difference!


Get ready for spooky fun, Aquarius, because you were practically made for Gemini season. This part of your chart is about imagination and fun, so don’t hold back—let your inner mischief-maker run wild!

This is the perfect moment to dive into that project you’ve been putting off. Who knows what kind of eerie brilliance you’ll conjure up this month? Get those cauldrons bubbling and those ideas brewing.


It’s the perfect time to explore the mysteries of your own space, Pisces. If you’ve been pondering a remodel or want to give your home’s aesthetic a horror twist, there’s no better time to bring those spooky summertime vibes indoors. Dust off the cobwebs and let your creativity flow. It’s your chance to transform your space into something truly magical!

Are you ready for Gemini season? We can’t wait to tell you more about 2024’s upcoming celestial events, retrogrades, and more modern mysticism. See you next month!