One of our favorite parts of Halloween is seeing how much our fans love Spirit stores and our fun merchandise! There’s nothing like watching families explore our animatronics, costumes and props to get fully into the holiday season.

So, in honor of our favorite day of the year, we’ve gathered two of our favorite Halloween 2019 videos for you to enjoy as you’re getting ready for your own Halloween celebration.


In this hilarious video, a mom tells her daughter she’ll buy her anything she wants from Spirit Halloween…as long as she can carry it! If she drops the items, she won’t get any. Watch to see which horror movie icon doll she’s been wanting “forever” in this fun buy all you can carry challenge video with a Halloween theme.

Here, our Abandoned Annie animatronic comes to life as Caleb, age three, welcomes her into his home!

Whether you’re being spooky, silly, or anything in between, we at Spirit wish you a Happy Halloween!