Spirit Halloween is back like we never left, and we’re more than excited to begin opening our stores once again! As most of you may know, each year our store brings a brand new thrilling adventure to life as part of our in-store experience, and topping last year has been no easy feat. Our creative team behind the in-store experience has been behind the scenes working tirelessly to deliver one of the best and most memorable in-store experiences you’ve ever seen. We can’t wait for you to see it in person!

In 2020, we introduced you to the terrifying and ghoulish patrons of Reaper’s Island. You walked through the chilling Reaper’s Island Village and ventured deep into the Reaper’s Island Cave where you met all of its terrifying inhabitants and you successfully made it out alive.

In 2021, we looked into the origins of some of our most famed and feared animatronics and took a trip inside the Spirit Halloween Factory to see exactly how some of your fan favorites come to life.  

You’ve all heard the classic tale of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, but do you know the terrifying tale of Dr. J Reaper and his monster laboratory? Prepare yourself, because Dr. J Reaper’s lab is home to never-before-seen creations that will have you sprinting for the exit!

Dr. J Reaper’s Monster Laboratory

Enter one of our Spirit Halloween stores and you’ll instantly feel a sudden chill run down your spine.  The mere sight of the entrance to the evil and mysterious monster laboratory is enough to spook you. With the atmospheric vibes of a dark castle basement where the sick and twisted experiments of Dr. J Reaper take place, you’ll be taken back to an era of industrialization and invention. Arrive in awe at the castle’s entrance, where electrical towers harness energy, the hallways are lined with bubbling pillars, and plasma tubes are filled with electricity. Watch your head because a violent swarm of bats lurks above and they’re ready to feast on any uninvited guests. Manage to sneak past Possessed Pumpkin and Lord Raven, who are protecting the entrance, and you’ll be greeted by a new terrifying gang of Jack’s creations inside!

Possessed Pumpkin

After being found broken and abandoned in a dusty old barn by Dr. J Reaper, the Possessed Pumpkin was taken in for experimentation. Brought back to life with an evil pumpkin essence and fitted with a new scarecrow body, the Possessed Pumpkin now does Dr. Reaper’s bidding as the main gatekeeper to his secret laboratory.

Lord Raven

Known for his insatiable hunger for human flesh and bone, no one enters Dr. J Reaper’s lab without encountering Lord Raven. Watch as he lifts his arms and lowers his head to gather a closer inspection of his next victim. Only those deemed worthy enough by Lord Raven himself are permitted entry into the lab.


Feel a shiver run down your spine at the first glance of Grim. This talking animated skeleton stands at six feet tall and features chilling phrases and a wicked sense of humor. He and his skeleton brethren have risen from the dead this Halloween to stalk the living and recruit you to become one of Dr. J Reaper’s experiments.


All the way from Crescent Cove, the evil “Klown” Shorty has come to wreak havoc in Dr. Reaper’s lab. Shorty is one of the wildest of the bunch with his bright yellow clown suit, wacky green hair, and his creepy red nose and smile. Equipped with a cotton candy ray gun and a giant boxing glove, he’ll have no problem knocking you out silly! Once you get a ticket to this Killer Klown show, there’s no guarantee you’ll make it out alive.

Mr. Punchy

They don’t call him Mr. Punchy for nothing. As the laboratory’s enforcer, Mr. Punchy always seems to find himself in a brawl. No matter how many times Mr. Punchy falls down, he always manages to get back up. Dr. J Reaper saw the potential in Mr. Punchy and invited him to his lab for experimentation. Now that he’s stronger than ever, he spends his days making sure everyone is in their place whether they like it or not.

Bog Zombie

When the Bog Zombie stumbled across the lab’s front gates, Dr. J Reaper knew he would be the perfect candidate for his research on reanimation. Now a test subject for Dr. J Reaper’s newest reanimation serum, the Bog Zombie went from weak and decaying to more terrifying than ever before.


When Barry was first bitten by a zombie he did the responsible thing and locked himself in a cage before he could turn. After his wife reached out to Dr. J Reaper for a reversing agent, she brought him into the lab to leave Barry in his hands. What the doctor didn’t tell her was that there was no cure, now, Barry remains locked away in the basement of the lab as the doctor’s personal pet. But, Dr. J Reaper brings him out for some fun every once in a while.

Tombstone Terror

No one knows exactly who or what the doctor has buried back behind his lab. All the assistants know is that they were told to stay far away from the tombstone. Rumor has it that one of the first failed experiments on his former apprentice left them with horrific transmutations leading to their unfortunate demise. Don’t get too close, or his remains may pop out from behind the tombstone where you’ll be joining his undead skeleton crew.

Young Crouchy

After recently completing his most magnificent invention yet, The De-ageifier, Dr. J Reaper knew the terrifying Crouchy would be the perfect test subject. After handing over the reigns to his assistant Dr. Illume, he flipped the switch and “zap!” went Crouchy! Now he resides in the lab reliving his childhood as Young Crouchy, the orphaned clown.

Spirit Testing Lab

Feel your stomach twist and turn at the grueling sight of the unfinished amalgamations inside the Spirit testing lab. Witness body parts, blueprints, and bones galore as you walk through the corridors of the dark hallway where Dr. J Reaper’s experiments are released for testing. With activation levers to experience each test subject and tubes of boiling water lining the halls, you must proceed carefully as the floor shakes violently with every step and electrifying live wires hang from the ceiling. Make it to the mysterious hallway lined with cobwebs and old bookshelves and you may discover some hidden Spirit Halloween Easter eggs from years past. Take a visit to the Spirit Shock Therapy center and witness as some of Jack’s experiments go under extreme testing.


After a poisoning amount of toxic gas entered Terry’s system he would’ve been done for if not for Dr. J Reaper’s assistant Dr. Illume. After being fitted with a respirator and nozzles at the hands, Terry was reborn as Nozzles the Clown.

Lucky Bottoms

Lucky Bottoms wasn’t so lucky after entering Dr. J Reaper’s Laboratory. Since having his legs taken in a horrible magic accident, Lucky was sent to the testing lab for evaluation. It didn’t take long for the doctor to realize that not only did Lucky lose his legs in the accident, but he was also now corrupted by the evil that resides inside the lab and has completely lost his mind!

Lil Skelly Bones

You can run but you can’t hide from Lil Skelly Bones! As the master of hide and seek, Lil Skelly Bones loves toying with the minds of his prey and always manages to find his victims. He knows the inside of the lab like the back of his bony little skeleton hands, and if the doctor requests to know where someone or something is hiding Lil Skelly Bones will always know where to find you.  

Betty Sharpe

After her incident with Mommy’s Favorite, Betty Sharpe was sent to the lab by her mother in hopes it would scare her straight. Unfortunately for her, Betty seemed to fit right in with the rest of the wicked lab crew and wouldn’t be returning home anytime soon. The doctor took a liking to her and showed her love and attention she had never experienced before and that’s all it took for her to become a loyal subject.

Jumping Spider

After being contaminated from the runoff of one of Dr. J Reaper’s mutation experiments, what was once a normal harmless spider turned into a jumping feral beast of an arachnid. The Jumping Spider roams freely in the basement of the lab searching for any and all kinds of prey to feast on to cure his insatiable hunger. Get too close and he’ll jump on you, too!


The Regan animatronic is sure to make any fan of the horror movie The Exorcist jump. With disturbing head-spinning movements just like in the movie and actual voice lines from the film, this Regan animatronic is the real deal. Standing at five feet tall, your guests will be so impressed with how scary your animatronic display is when they see the spooky light-up image of the demon she’s possessed by projects from the Regan’s back.

Mr. Dark

You never know what kind of dark corridor Mr. Dark will be hiding in! Once you catch a glimpse of his terrifying light-up red LED eyes, you’re too late. With his built-in scissor mechanism installed by Dr. J Reaper, he’ll shoot up to nine feet tall and scare you off of your feet!

Sideshow Display


It’s all fun and games until your favorite toy turns into a six-foot terror with cymbals, a lust for killing, and the eyes of a demon. Monty was every kid’s favorite toy from yesteryear, delighting generations of kids with his antics. Now he sends them running for cover all because one little boy wished and wished for his favorite toy to come to life. So if you hear the cymbals banging, you’d better duck, or it might be the last sound you ever hear!

The creative team behind our famous in-store experience never fails to impress! After months of brainstorming and developing ideas for the next iteration of our in-store experience, they’ve managed to expand on the lore of Jack the Reaper and deliver one of the best in-store experiences to date. Within Dr. J Reaper’s Monster Laboratory, there are plenty of secrets to uncover, new animatronics to find, motion-sensor-activated scares, and so much more! Are you brave enough to enter Dr. J Reaper’s Monster Laboratory? Visit a Spirit Halloween store near you and check it out for yourself! We can’t wait to see what kind of awesome pictures you take and how many secrets you can find hidden inside!

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