Here’s some good news. Spirit Halloween is back, and we’re ready and excited to safely open our stores just in time for our favorite time of the year! With so much uncertainty, we want to be sure that we surpass the expectations this year and give our fans something bigger and better to look forward to this season. Our Halloween specialists at the Spirit Expedition Company have been working tirelessly all year long to deliver one of the best in-store experiences you’ve ever seen for 2020.

Last year, you saw Jack, the Spirit Halloween Reaper and his minions successfully repair the S.S Riptide and leave Reaper’s Wharf to set sail towards home. This year, we’re taking a look at exactly where they went and bringing you to the Reaper’s horrifying home of Reaper’s Island! Home to some of the most terrifying creatures you’ve ever seen, Reaper’s Island is not for the faint of heart. We’re going to let you in on a few details Reaper’s Island has to offer. Just know that you’re really missing out if you don’t go to a Spirit store (with a mask or face covering of course) and check it out for yourself.

Reaper’s Island Village In-Store Experience

Upon entering our stores, you’ll instantly be greeted by some of the terrifying and ghoulish patrons of Reaper’s Island Village. Be sure to tread lightly, you don’t want to end up stepping too close toward somewhere you aren’t supposed to be. Run into The Butcher, and it may be the last thing you do!

As you traverse deeper into the village, you’ll be surrounded by pits of fire as Jack the Reaper menacingly watches from above. The animatronic villagers love sacrificing visitors and doing spooky rituals throughout the night, and you’ll be right in the middle of all of it. Stay hidden, and you may just witness one for yourself! As you continue forward, you’ll see that some of the worst things you can imagine live here under the watch of Jack the Reaper; Killer clowns, undead creeps, and so much more awaits you. Get a glimpse of everything the island village has to offer by taking a special look right here:


Crouchy towers over you with jagged teeth and a bloodstained mouth. Speaking phrases that will instantly ignite your fears, this clown definitely traveled from the twisted circus and now resides at the front of the Reaper’s Island Village.

The Butcher

The Butcher takes no prisoners and you’re looking just like his favorite… FRESH MEAT! The Butcher animatronic moves left to right with his cleaver in hand and features various horrifying sayings. Step too close and you’ll end up being a part of his next exotic sausage.

Punctured Pete

With glowing red eyes and his constant motion Punctured Pete is sure to send chills down your spine. Punctured Pete and his wife Miserable Marie both reside on Reaper’s Island making guests feel right at home. Don’t be fooled by their hospitality, or you may be the next visitor who ends up in the fire pit.

Demonic Dahlia

As you walk more into Reaper’s Island Village you’re sure to run into Demonic Dahlia. This animatronic acts as the eyes of the town, as she’s always keeping watch for any uninvited trespassers. At first, she appears as if she’s peacefully sitting down, but step too close and she’ll quickly rise up out of her seat ready to grab you for the taking!

Peek-A-Boo Clown

The Circus is always in town on Reaper’s Island. This Peek-A-Boo Clown Animatronic begins in a hunched over position hiding his face before making creepy sounds and opening his arms to stand upright and reveal his terrifying eyes. Don’t be afraid, he just wants play a game of hide and seek!

Uncle Charlie

Ever wonder where Uncle Charlie disappeared to after years of being out of the spotlight? Well, he’s back and you can find him scheming in the streets of the Reaper’s Island Village. His head turns from side to side, as creepy sounds surround his terrifying appearance. Step right up and take some candy… If you’re brave enough!

Johnny Punk

Make your way to the back of the village and you’ll be greeted by Johnny Punk, the trash-talking, bad attitude-having, little brat of the village. This animatronic rocks back and forth on a swing and taunts visitors with bratty phrases. His mouth is known for getting him into all types of trouble. How do you think he ended up exiled on Reaper’s Island in the first place?

Twisted Tina

A terrible fall in the middle of a high-flying act changed everything for Twisted Tina. Now she lives on Reaper’s Island as part of Jack’s horrifying army of animatronics ready to scare visitors at any moment. This Twisted Tina prop will be watching down over your guests and is always ready to give them a scare from above once she’s on the wall and in position. Be aware! You never know where she’ll show up.

Jack Straw

This guy puts the “scare” in “scarecrow”! Jack Straw appears to be sitting motionless, but he’s got more than just straw up his sleeve. When activated, Jack Straw goes from sitting to standing in an instant. His motion is accompanied by screams and laughter to add even more terror.


This horror movie character is a classic, and he’s ready to enforce the rules of trick or treating, so you better behave. This animatronic comes with interchangeable heads, so you can switch up the look whenever you want.


Everyone will be a little hesitant when they see this famous horror movie clown lurking around. This animatronic pops up quickly whenever someone gets to close. He’ll speak terrifying phrases that will haunt you for nights to come. Come on over and you’ll float too!

Fright in the Box

No one has seen the village toymaker since he created the Fright in the Box. The Fright in the Box animatronic features yellow glowing eyes, a turning handle, and his head pops up when you least expect it. Look closely into the eyes of the terrifying clown and you may just catch a glimpse of a familiar face.

Reaper’s Island Cave In-Store Experience

After making your way through the lush jungle and creepy caverns of Reaper’s Island you’ll find yourself wandering into the deep dark spaces of the Reaper’s Island Cave. Littered with various broken bones, blood-stained skulls, and decaying corpses of past island visitors, this cave is not somewhere you want to be caught alone. Ever wonder why there’s not many children in the village? Take a look around and you might discover where they all went!

Our new animatronics are causing terror on the island from inside the depths of this dangerous cave. Witness the Harvester of Souls come to life and steal the soul from the poor victim in his grasp and watch as the Nightcrawler springs to life to deliver the ultimate jump scare. No one is safe in the dark caverns of the Reaper’s Island Cave.

Mommy’s Favorite

As you approach the entrance to the mysterious cave, you’re bound to run into Mommy’s Favorite.  This animatronic features left to right movement and is the only warning before entering. You don’t want to be the one who wakes the hideous creatures that rest inside so be sure to take her advice and be quiet!

Harvester of Souls

If there’s any animatronic you don’t want to be captured by it’s this one. This Harvester of Souls animatronic is known to lure visitors and children of the village into his lair in the deep dark caverns where they are never to be seen again. The Harvester of souls features LED lighting that makes his torment the center of attention. His arms also raise up to lift up his victim and “suck the soul” straight from their body!

Sewer Varmint

The Sewer Varmint animatronic is hungry and has a special taste for blood. Featuring light-up eyes and a head that moves from side to side, this two-headed beast loves feasting on the rotting flesh and decaying corpses of those who fail to escape their wretched cave.


Inside the walls of the Reaper’s Island cave it always feels like nighttime, so you never know when the Nightcrawler animatronic will be out and about lurking for his daily feast. This Nightcrawler animatronic features red light-up eyes, can move its body from side to side, and can make himself pop up for a startling scare! Be wary because you’re in his territory now.

Miserable Marie

After a zombie attack left Miserable Marie and her husband Punctured Pete as part of the undead, they are now together forever on Reaper’s Island. Miserable Marie’s upper body features violent twitching motions that will have you shaking with fear. She loves coming to the cave and listening to the screams of those who meet their doom in its chasms.


Angeline has always had a special gift. She isn’t afraid of the terrifying creatures that live on Reaper’s Island. In fact, they are her only friends. With her turning head, animated mouth, and kicking feet, this Angeline animatronic will scare the life out of all who make it this far into the cave. You definitely don’t want to be near her when she calls her friends out to play!

The Spirit Expedition team has done it again. After months of brainstorming and developing ideas for the next iteration of our in-store experience, they managed to expand on the lore of Jack the Reaper and deliver one of the best in-store experiences to date. Within Reaper’s Island, there are plenty of secrets to uncover, new animatronics to find, motion-sensor activated scares, and so much more. We hope you enjoyed your sneak peek of Reaper’s Island and that you join us again soon!

Tell us what you think. What was your favorite part of Reaper’s Island? Did you meet all of its residents? Were you lucky enough to escape the dangerous cave? Send in your photos and let us know on all of our social platforms @SpiritHalloween. We’d love to hear from you!