Comic Con may be over and the Javits Center is no longer buzzing with excitement, but we’re still GEEKING out over the amazing fan moments we had at New York Comic Con 2018.

From epic Fortnite skins and Overwatch cosplay to a life-size Lego Spider-Man figure and Rick & Morty spaceship, there was no shortage of awe-inspiring Comic Con costumes. But aside from all of the head-turning cosplays, there was one thing that stood out the most: how each and every person spoke of their undying love for Spirit Halloween.

To show our fans just how much we appreciate their dedication to cosplay and all things Halloween, we couldn’t resist sharing our favorite photos and favorite fan moments. We hope you love these awesome snapshots as much as we do, and who knows? Maybe they’ll inspire some Halloween costume ideas for 2018.

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Happy nerding!


Brite Bomber Costume | Fortnite Skin Costumes

Nothing makes us happier than bumping into our very own Fortnite costumes on a stage like Comic Con, especially when it’s a pint-sized Brite Bomber. You go, girl!


Oh, Fortnite burglar, you stole our hearts while rocking the GINORMOUS, undeniably chic Cuddle Bow Back Bling designed by yours truly.


Skull Trooper Costume | Fortnite Costume

So, how did it make us feel when we ran into our super popular Fortnite Skull Trooper skin costume? We can sum it up in just four words: BAD TO THE BONE (C’MON! We can’t resist a good Halloween pun).


Tracer Costume | Overwatch Costume

Tracer “blinked” her way through space straight to Comic Con in this super detailed Overwatch costume, which instantly caught our attention. Costume | Overwatch Costumes for Halloween

True to her Overwatch persona, D.Va uses her special force to combat evil all while impressing passersby.


Boys Assassin's Creed Costumes

Small but fierce Ezio from Assassin’s Creed was accompanied by his rather dapper-looking, equally fierce friend.


Mario Costumes for Halloween

“It’s us! Marrrio!” These guys took a break from rescuing the princess to impress Super Mario fans with their super cool costumes.


Leading Ladies

My Hero Academia Costumes Genderbend

All Might from My Hero Academia showed up to Comic Con determined to defeat Nomu and save the day!


D.Va Overwatch Costume | Chun Li Street Fighter Costume

When D.Va from Overwatch meets Chun Li from Street Fighter, some major girl power happens.


Overwatch, Harley Quinn Costumes

Watch your back, Harley Quinn squad! D.Va doesn’t take any nonsense from sneaky villains!


She Ra Costume

We just might change She-Ra’s name from Princess of Power to Princess of Comic Con after getting a glimpse of this fan’s fabulous costume.


Predator Costume

This die-hard fan turned heads in a Predator cosplay that looked like something straight from the movie set.


Wonder Woman Costume

Nothing makes our hearts happier than Wonder Woman in a rocker-chic moto jacket. Just sayin’…


Popular Movies & TV Series

Ghostbusters Costumes for Halloween

Better watch out, demonic souls! This dynamic duo ain’t afraid of no ghosts, especially when armed with TWO Proton Packs!


Adala from Dr. Who | Star Trek Costume

This Dr. Who beauty was accompanied by her trusty Star Trek officer friend and their costumes were even more impressive IRL!


Padma Amidala Star Wars Costume

This Star Wars lover took our breath away in Queen Padme Amidala cosplay and we’re still in awe. Wow, just wow!


Shaggy, Velma and Scooby Doo Costumes

What Comic Con would be complete without Shaggy, Velma and a shrunken Scooby-Doo?! Note: No Scooby-Doos were harmed in the making of this photo.


Star Trek Costume

Talk about sweet Star Trek cosplay! This Trekkie demanded that we take her picture, or else.


Darth Sidious Star Wars Costume

Darth Sidious and his Star Wars sidekick looked into our future and told us that we’re going to have the most epic Halloween season ever. So far, so good!

The Incredibles Costumes

Holy cuteness overload! Dressed head to toe in our very own The Incredibles cosplay, this crime-stopping family truly was the fantastic four!


Rick Mobile | Rick and Morty Costume

A Rick and Morty costume wasn’t enough for this fan. He spent two whole months building this real-life light-up spaceship and it definitely paid off. Serious props to this guy!

Popular Anime Series

Dragon Ball Z Costumes for Halloween

This scantily clad Goku wowed us with his Dragon Ball Z cosplay and impressively toned stature.


Sailor Moon Costume for Halloween

We couldn’t believe the intricate details on this hand-crocheted Sailor Moon costume! #goals


Anime Costumes | My Hero Academia, Persona 5

This crew totally played the part and turned heads in their My Hero Academia and Persona 5 cosplay mashup!


Comic Book Heroes & Villains

Joker Costume | Harley Quinn Costume | Riddler Costume

Riddler, Joker, and Harley, OH MY! This mischievous trio stole the spotlight with their killer DC Comic cosplay and acting skills.


Joker Costume from Batman

We did a double take when we laid eyes on this armored Joker costume that looks like it jumped off the pages of your favorite comic book.


Spider-Man & Venom Costume

Spider-Man and his arch-rival Venom put their differences aside to check out some pretty sweet artwork.


We couldn’t get enough of this wisecracking Deadpool family, especially the adorable, yet sassy little guy!


Lego Spiderman Costume | Lego Costume

So many things came to mind when we came across this giant Spider-Man Lego figure: “OMG, this is amazing!”, “I wonder how long it took to make this thing” and “How in the heck did this guy get up the escalator?”


Lady Loki Costume

Dressed head to toe in elaborate cosplay, Lady Loki and Magneto were the ultimate power couple of the afternoon.


Spiderman Costume

Onlookers couldn’t get enough of this classic Spidey, who was rocking classic Spider-Man cosplay and Captain America’s trusty shield.


Harley Quinn Costumes

Harley meant business in her high-heeled sneakers and signature getup from Spirit Halloween.


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