Looking for an extra hand this Halloween when it comes to decorating your fire pit and outside décor? You already know Spirit Halloween for being the nation’s top Halloween headquarters. Now we’re bringing a fan-favorite Halloween decoration item back to stores for 2019, but with a twist!

If you haven’t heard about Spirit Halloween’s Skull Fire Logs in the past, then you must’ve been trapped inside a coffin last Halloween! In fact, these decorative skulls are so popular that they’re already sold out online this year, but you can still find them in select stores.

You’ve seen them featured in Cosmopolitan, you’ve seen pictures on Pinterest, and now we have a brand new way to add some spooky skeleton style to your home décor: Made to look like a real skeleton bone, our new Skeleton Hand Fire Logs are made from a refractory stoneware material and act just as a traditional fireproof log would. Just like the Skull Fire Logs you love, once you place these terrifying logs in a lit fire, watch out! The flames will engulf the hands and fill each orifice with fire as the bones begin to char and burn. Let them cool and you can use them again and again!

And you can really step up your campfire game this Halloween by adding both the skeleton hands AND skull fire logs. Not only will they fill your guests with terror, but they’ll also have everyone begging you to tell them where you found them! With all these spine-chilling bones, your fire pit will look like a burning graveyard in no time!

Don’t have a fire pit? FEAR NOT! These spooktacular fire logs still work great as a traditional outdoor Halloween decoration.

If you’re looking for a fun, spooky, and trendy way too add to your outdoor décor, then you can’t go wrong with these skeleton fire logs.

Check out our Skull Fire Logs and Skeleton Hand Fire Logs below!

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skull hand fire logs outdoor halloween decor decorations

skull fire logs outdoor halloween decorations