Whether you spend hours on TikTok every day or you just see TikToks re-posted on other platforms, it’s clear that the app hugely influences our daily lives. That means for us, it also influences the spooky content we consume on the internet. Though the nature of TikTok makes it hard to distinguish creative posts from possibly authentic videos, sometimes the end result is so terrifying that it almost doesn’t matter. 

Want something a little different than makeup reviews, dance trends, comedy skits, or cleaning hacks? We’re going to introduce you to the creepiest original footage we’ve seen on TikTok. Here are eight of the scariest videos to come across our For You pages. Trust us; you won’t want to watch these at night.

My uncle is currently working at the Cecil Hotel and this is what he sent me

TikToker @vngieeeee has only posted four videos, but one of them is reportedly from her uncle who was working in the infamous Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California. In this daytime clip, he stands in a hallway less than 10 feet from a door that repeatedly opens and closes on its own.

Never heard of the Cecil Hotel? It’s seen its share of tragedies and is notoriously haunted. It reopened as an affordable housing complex in December of 2021, and this video was likely taken in the months before, possibly during renovations.

I love him

User @hardboiledtoe.v4 has posted a number of strange videos across various accounts. Two of these videos can still be found on TikTok, including one with over 14 million views and the caption “I love him.” In it, she claims she rescued a dog named “Cracker” in Japan, but when she turns her camera toward her closet to show us, we see what appears to be a smiling, demonic face hiding in the shadows. Whatever it is, it’s clearly not a dog.

Warning: my stairs are spooky

On August 15th, 2020, @jbirxd posted a video using the “Inverted” filter that was trending on TikTok at the time. In it, she looks down a staircase that angles toward the right, which then suddenly inverts to the left. We have a clear view of the stairs as someone begins to walk up from the bottom. The entire stairwell swirls briefly as the video pixelates and we see a terrifying woman suddenly perched at the top of the stairs. After another video glitch, the figure reappears lower down the stairs and begins to climb up on the railing.

Though the user confirms in the comments that the video was edited, it’s still extra creepy. The way the video restarts, uses a voiceover from another user’s audio track, and the way the glitchiness allows this woman to magically traverse the steps, all combine to create a surreal and terrifying experience, even during a daytime re-watch.


warning: my stairs are (kinda but not really) spooky 🐦 this challenge was a bad idea tbh #heretheycome #inverted #HikingSzn

♬ original sound – Des🥰

His face was so close that I could see his eyes

The above caption is translated from Spanish on the @diiegospyckerzss post from July 9th, 2022. This person claims to capture paranormal activity in their house regularly, but their videos are almost too creepy to believe. Regardless, in this video, they walk past clothing hanging on a clothesline in an otherwise empty area. As the camera approaches the clothing we briefly see a child’s face with black eyes peeking between hanging items.

 If this is real, then this person is capturing the most vivid paranormal footage ever caught on camera. If it isn’t real, @diiegospyckerzss should make a film.


su rostro estuvo tan cerca que pude ver sus ojos 😰

♬ sonido original – diiegospyckerzs

This [is] getting worse I don’t know what to do

User @yoshualuc uploaded this clip on October 10th, 2020, as further proof that he lives in a haunted house. While lying in a bed facing an armoire, several hard knocks from the inside of it precede one of the doors wildly swinging open. He and a woman jump up from the bed in terror.

After a few agonizing seconds, we see what appears to be a face peek from within. The woman in the background continues screaming as the person holding the camera opens both armoire doors to investigate. Through we anxiously expect to see something, there is nothing inside and the video ends.


q opinas será el mismo @marianac52 y ustedes q dicen #paranormal #perturbador #terror #miedo #fantasma #misterio #fyp

♬ sonido original – Luan

Grandpa’s Ghost?

@holapeter010506h posted a chilling video after the power went out in his grandparents’ house in Nayarit, Mexico. When their parents leave to buy candles, a group of young children gets increasingly scared by spooky noises in the house. As they continue walking throughout the rooms, the person filming stops momentarily to note their grandfather’s urn sitting nearby.

At one point, he stops walking through the house to focus on a flurry of shadow movement in a doorway across the room. He tries talking the shadow as if it were their grandfather’s spirit and the black shadow continues to move quickly in and out of the doorframe until they scream and start running away.


este es otro video de mi celular viejo 1 de noviembre dia de todos los Santos…

♬ sonido original – holapeter010506h

Ghost Filter

User @michellek_nt posted this unintentionally creepy video in May of 2020, using the then-popular filter that claimed to show ghosts in the room using a sort of psychedelic color effect. In this short clip, she points her camera at herself, then scans across the room before stopping on a chair. The filter immediately shows a distinct, grayish-white, eerily human shape sitting in the chair. As she quickly whips the camera back to her own face before ending the video, it’s clear that she’s disturbed by what she saw.

@michellek_nt’s account is not devoted to paranormal content, but this creepy surprise (for her and for us) remains on her page, with nearly four million views.

The best footage I have of the noise

This video from New England commercial fisherman @.sauce.90 is the first of several nighttime videos from the deck of his ship, where he records sounds that he claims are either mermaids or sirens. You can see in his face and hear in his voice that he is blown away by what he’s experiencing. Maybe it’s just the power of suggestion, but these noises sound incredibly alien.

His new account features reposts of his original mermaid videos, as well as several current encounters. He seems to wholeheartedly believe in mermaids and it’s hard to deny the strangeness of these videos.   


Do You See the 💡 in the water!?Footage I didn’t know I had from the first time I heard the 🧜🏼‍♀️! #sauce90 #youpage #mermaid #viral #fyp #ocean #mysterys

♬ original sound – .SAUCE.90

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