If you’re looking for gifts to give any collector, you’ve come to the right place! Spirit Halloween has all sorts of collectibles that will shoot straight to the top of your friends’ and family members’ favorite gift lists.

They’ll love these figures, toys, and games so much they’ll surely want to display them front and center and use them every day.

Jack the Reaper Statue

Jack the Reaper is ready to haunt their nightmares! Any lover of all things horror will want to put this scary statue in a prominent place to creep out their guests and add a terrifying touch to their home dec

LED Ghostbuster Ghost Trap – Ghostbusters

They’ll be able to follow in the footsteps of their favorite movie character when they use this official Ghostbusters LED Ghostbuster Ghost Trap! This fun accessory looks straight out of the movie. When clipped to a belt, the wearer will be all set to hunt ghosts!

Light-Up Deluxe Replica Proton Pack – Ghostbusters

They can also show off their love of Ghostbusters by putting on this official Light-Up Deluxe Replica Proton Pack! This fun prop has a detachable particle thrower gun and high-voltage warning stickers and is perfect for any Ghostbusters fan.

Ghost Face Bobblehead Statue – Scream

Give them the chance to show off their love of horror with this Ghost Face® bobblehead statue from the movie Scream!

Crouchy Statue

Want to give them a way to spook visitors at all times of the year? This menacing Crouchy statue, with his giant teeth and blood splatters beneath his feet, makes the perfect scary gift.

Lil Skelly Bones Plush

Add some skeletal charm to your favorite Halloween lover’s home with this Lil Skelly Bones plush toy!

Sanderson Sisters I Put A Spell On You Movie Moment Funko Pop Figure – Hocus Pocus

Give them the perfect opportunity to have their favorite witches adorn their home with these Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Funko Pop Figures!

Chuckles Funko Pop Figure – Trick ’r Treat

Horror movie fans will love having this Chuckles Funko pop figure from Trick ’r Treat looking at them from their desk, table or shelf.

11 Inch Lydia Animated Sidestepper – Beetlejuice

Any Beetlejuice fan will be thrilled to show off this Lydia Deetz animated prop and let everyone know what their favorite movie is!

Sam Plush – Trick ’r Treat

Can a horror movie killer be cute? Yes, if it’s Sam from Trick ’r Treat holding his half-eaten lollipop and burlap sack in plush form! This gift will be adored by any Trick ’r Treat fan.

Spirit Animatronics Mini Figural Bag Clip Blind Pack

Give them a mini figure version of one of their favorite Spirit Halloween animatronics! Anyone who can’t get enough of Halloween will love carrying one of these popular spooky props on their bag or hanging it from their keychain.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Meant To Be Jack Skellington and Sally Lunch Box

Awwww…any fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas will want to display this Jack Skellington and Sally lunch box where everyone who visits can see it.

Beetlejuice Lunch Box

Any fan of the Ghost with the Most will love this Beetlejuice lunch box! Whether they bring it to school or work or put it in a prominent place in their home, they’ll love showing off how big a Beetlejuice fan they are.

Good Guys Chucky Lunch Box – Child’s Play

They can scare up some horror along with their next meal with this fun Good Guys Chucky lunch box!

Gremlins Lunch Box

If you’ve got a friend who can’t get enough of Gremlins, they’ll adore this fun lunch box featuring Stripe and Gizmo.

Hogwarts Houses Harry Potter Lunch Box

If they’re obsessed with Harry Potter, this Hogwarts Houses lunch box makes just the right gift, whether they’re in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw.

Deluxe Ouija Board Game – Hasbro

Find out what’s happening in the great beyond with this Deluxe Ouija board game. This is a classic game that never goes out of style, and this deluxe version features a wooden planchette and eye-catching graphics. They can enjoy it with family or roommates as they explore those burning questions they’ve always wanted to ask.

Hocus Pocus Binx Statue

This Hocus Pocus Binx statue will let them show off their favorite Halloween movie all year long with this Hocus Pocus Binx statue! Let this black cat stand guard in your yard or ins

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