Thinking about going on vacation? Maybe a weekend adventure? Some of the greatest horror movies scenes of all-time take place at our most beloved locations in the world. We put together a list of places we’re avoiding thanks to the horror movies that traumatized us! Before you decide on a destination, you might want to take a peek below. Don’t blame us if this ruins your favorite spot!


You’re one brave soul if you think about vacationing at a lake any time soon. After watching Friday the 13th, we’ll sit that one out. The final scene when Jason pops out of the water gets us every time.


If we learned anything from movies like The Shining and Ghostbusters, it’s that hotels = bad news in scary movies. Whether you go absolutely bananas like Jack Torrance or get chased by ghosts that spit slim, you should think twice about going on a hotel getaway.


Cabin fever is real, and we aren’t going to mess around with it. Like we saw in the movie A Cabin in the Woods, there are so many things that can go wrong out in the wild. There’s no way you’re getting us to go on that trip.


We don’t want to spoil your pool day, but you can understand the fear if you’ve seen the movies It Follows or A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge. These classics are sure to give you pool – paranoia!

Nature Reserves

Thinking about going on a nature walk sometime soon? We’ve got three words for you: Blair Witch Project…This movie is one of many reasons we aren’t stepping foot in the forest.


Even after all the creepy clowns that have hit the big screen, you still want to go to the circus? Pennywise The Clown traumatized us to the point of coulrophobia. NO THANK YOU.

The Ocean

Jaws. The Abyss. The Meg. Piranha 3D. If you’re heading to the beach sometime soon, make sure you don’t watch any of these classics beforehand. When you take a dip in the ocean, every brush against your foot will make you shiver.

Amusement Parks

Whether it’s the vampires from The Lost Boys, the zombies from Zombieland, or the freaky accidents in Final Destination 3, it seems like amusement parks are a hot spot for horror movies. And to that we say: “No, thanks!”


Quit horsing around! The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Children of the Corn both taught us that the farmer’s life is certainly not for us. 

House Parties

If the movies Scream and Ma proved anything, it’s that partiers always get it the worst in horror movies. We want to WATCH scary movies, not star in them…

Sorry if we ruined some of your favorite places, but they’re just too creepy for us. Did we forget one of the scariest places in film history? Send an email to and let us know what we missed!