Spirit Halloween has a treasure trove of the best pirate costumes to help you plunder all the goods on Halloween night. We’ve got costumes for refined pirates and fearsome scallywags alike. We’ve even got pirate costumes for the whole family!

Pirates like Jean Lafitte and Blackbeard terrorized the seas for years, keeping even the most advanced navies on their toes. Now you can inspire that same fear and awe while searching for your own treasure on Halloween night. Join us, as we set sail to discover all the pirate costumes and accessories for a Halloween you’ll treasure! 

Adult Pirate Costumes

Spirit Halloween has costumes for pirates that are regal, rugged, and everything in between. Whether you’re dressing up to negotiate a truce with a head of state or plundering some hidden Halloween treasure, we’ve got all the pirate-themed outfits and accessories you need to rule the seas. 

Kids Pirate Costumes

Ahoy, matey! These fun kids’ pirate costumes are perfect for a Halloween voyage with the whole family crew. Combine your costume with our pirate accessories to fully enter a world of peg legs and plunder. With these convincing looks, there might be a mutiny If there isn’t enough candy on Halloween night! 

Pirate Hats

A perfect pirate costume requires the perfect pirate hat. Pick a style that completes your character’s look and helps define their personality. From rakish to rugged, these distinctive pirate hats let you top off your look with just the right flair. Now you just need to work on your pirate accent. Argghhh!

Pirate Accessories

Arm yourself with a combination of sword, hook, pistol, and perched parrot to make sure they remember the outfit of the pirate who made ‘em walk the plank. Turn any black dress shoes into pirate boots with our easy-to-put-on pirate boot covers. From weapons to jewelry, Spirit has everything you need to bring your swashbuckling pirate character to life. 

Are you ready for a night of Halloween hijinks on the high seas? Tag us on social media @spirithalloween to show off your pirate Halloween looks this year! To prepare for your role, read our blog about pirate lingo. For more costume ideas and inspirations, stay fully up-to-date with our blog. Oh, and why is the rum gone?