Grab your popcorn, movie candy, and favorite beverage, and prepare to kick up your feet… in the back of your car! Yep, you read that right! For many, a drive-in theater is the perfect place to enjoy a movie on a warm summer’s night. So, before buying your next set of movie tickets, consider watching the next flick on your to-watch list from the comfort of your own car! Whether this is your first drive-in movie experience or you’re a drive-in regular looking for some pro tips for your next summer outing, look no further! We’ve got everything you need to make your next movie showing one to remember.

Check your local theater’s listings and choose your movie(s)

Okay, so you’re on board the drive-in movie train. Now what? If you’re not familiar with your local area’s selection of drive-in movie theaters, a quick Google search is a great place to start. Simply look up “drive-in theaters near me” and you’ll be on your way to a movie-viewing experience unlike any other. See where the popular spots are in your community and make your way to their website, where you’ll find listings for upcoming showings!

Now comes your next big decision: deciding on what movie to see! Most drive-in movie theaters only have a few screens, and back-to-back showings are common. So, if you’re planning a double feature and your local theater has multiple screens, make sure you know where both showings are taking place so you know where to go!

Keep an eye on the forecast

Many drive-in movie theaters are rain or shine, meaning they will go on with their screenings even through some rainfall. However, if the rain gets torrential, the showings may get pushed to another night. Check your local theater’s policies and keep an eye on the forecast in the days and hours leading up to showtime! Rain isn’t the only thing you should look out for, though! If it’s going to be chilly, don’t forget to pack a hoodie or a sweatshirt. And for those humid summer nights, bug spray is always great to have!

Choose your spot and get comfy

The big night has finally arrived! Once you get your parking spot, pop your trunk (or set up your chairs if you’ll be sitting outside of your car), and make sure you’ve got a great vantage point of the screen. Next, get your set-up situated! Even if you’re only staying for one movie, and especially for a double feature, you’re going to be here for a while, so you’re going to want to be comfortable. Luckily for you, we’ve got a great selection of blankets and pillows to keep yourself warm and snug during your showing! If you’re seeing a horror movie, all the better! Many of our blankets and pillows will fit right in at any horror movie showing and can double as gear to cover your eyes when the movie gets really scary.

Concessions are a must

Many drive-in theaters have their own concession stands where you can purchase all of your favorite movie snacks and beverages. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring your own refreshments, too! Stock up on popcorn, candy, drinks, and anything else you might want during your movie showing(s) before heading out. If you’re seeing a spooky flick, consider pouring your popcorn into a skull bowl or a witch’s cauldron, or enjoy your favorite beverage from one of many options from our drinkware collection! Need some inspiration for a spooky beverage to enjoy during your horror flick? Check out this post for some terrifyingly delicious spooky mocktails to sip on in between the screams!

Enhance the experience with car accessories

If you really want to show your love for your favorite movies, accessorizing your car is an awesome way to get into the spirit! You don’t want to go too overboard and obstruct the screen from others, but throwing some magnets on your bumper won’t block anyone’s view! Add some big-screen flair to your ride and take movie night to the next level!

Are you ready for a movie-viewing experience unlike any other? By following all of these tips, you should be all set for your next big feature presentation. We’ve saved the most important tip for last, though: please remember to silence your cellphone!