When we first heard the news about Spirit Halloween: The Movie we were thrilled and after watching it, we’re excited to say that we can officially add a new movie to our annual family-friendly Halloween movie list! We loved Spirit Halloween: The Movie and we hope you’ve also gotten a chance to see it! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out on your favorite video-on-demand platforms like Apple+, Prime, or Vudu.

We were amazed to see a spooky and adventurous movie set almost entirely in a “fictional” Spirit Halloween store! Our protagonists Jake, Bo, and Carson face what would be many peoples’ worst nightmare by confronting possessed Spirit Halloween animatronics in this exciting Halloween gem.

Opening Scenes

Christopher Lloyd sets a dark and evil tone as land developer Alec Windsor from the opening frames of the film. The first few shots establish that he is clearly a villain, as he gleefully delivers an eviction notice to the caretaker of an orphanage. She curses him and he falls to the ground moments later. His spirit escapes into the air as he dies and the story unfolds from there.

Setting the Halloween Tone

The aerial shot across their scenic town is painted in spectacular fall foliage, calling up classic Halloween vibes. The way our young protagonists race their bikes gleefully through falling leaves strikes notes of nostalgia. This movie is definitely for Halloween lovers.

But once our protagonists discover their local Spirit Halloween store in a remote part of their town, the mood gets a bit darker. They are excited to enter the store for the first time and are almost immediately spooked by real-life Spirit Halloween animatronics The Hauntress and Henry Hustle. We loved seeing them featured prominently and foreshadow what Jack, Bo, and Carson will experience later.

A Tale About Growing Up

Spirit Halloween: The Movie highlights some of the challenges of growing up – like friends growing apart. Amid that, how do traditions like celebrating Halloween evolve as we grow up? Can we still maintain the childlike wonder of creepy magic that Halloween once held as we begin to focus on the more “mature” aspects of life?

Carson would rather attend a high school party on Halloween than maintain his friends’ tradition of trick-or-treating. In a concession to Jake’s love of Halloween and Carson’s need for excitement, they decide to sneak into the Spirit Halloween store on Halloween, and stay there overnight.

The trio enters just before closing, hides in one of the displays, and sneaks out after the employee closes the store (don’t get any ideas – real-life Spirit Halloween employees would definitely find you).

Halloween Night

Spirit Halloween: The Movie becomes an exciting romp through the store at night, filled with evil, possessed animatronics terrorizing the characters as they try to survive. The scenes of Nightcrawler amped up the scary but still suited to a younger audience.

Spirit Halloween Animatronics in Spirit Halloween: The Movie

In addition to The Huntress and Henry Hustle, Mr. Dark, our Black Jumping Spider, Sinister Spirit Doll, Nightcrawler, and Buzzsaw also have starring roles throughout the movie.

Beyond the main cast of creepy Spirit Halloween characters, many real Spirit Halloween decorations, masks, and accessories appear as “extras” in scene after scene. Talk about inspo for next year’s home haunt.

Final Thoughts

This nightmarish concept works and we love seeing so many of our beloved characters come to life! It was also surreal to hear film legend Christopher Lloyd’s legendary voice possessing your animatronic characters.

What did you think about the ending? Do you think there will there be a sequel? Will we see more horror set in Spirit Halloween stores?

Email us at spiritblog@spirithalloween.com to let us know. You can also purchase a DVD and celebrate Halloween all year long!