Spirit-branded merch is a great way to show people how much you love Halloween and Spirit Halloween. We are such a big part of the holiday that the opening of our stores has to come to mean that Halloween has officially started!

Now you can show off your love for Spirit Halloween with our official merch. Whether you’re looking for our branded ready-to-wear items or any of the merchandise inspired by our famous animatronics, get ready to add some Spirit vibes to your wardrobe and décor!

Spirit Halloween T-Shirts

T-shirts are essential items for your closet. You never know when you’ll be in the mood to show off your love for the Halloween season. These really come into their own at the end of summer, just as fall approaches. Pair these with other Halloween or Spirit-branded items for a statement, or just work them in with your other outfits to represent your true spooky self.

Spirit Halloween Hats

We’ve got the dad hats you need to keep the Halloween vibes strong and the beanie to complement your cold-weather looks. Include these Spirit-branded hats in your wardrobe and add a Halloween element to all of your daily looks.

Spirit Halloween Pajamas

Lounge around and go to sleep dressed like someone who truly enjoys their Halloween lifestyle. These pajamas are perfect for lounging around the house while eating snacks and having a scary movie marathon. Plus, they make a great outfit for Halloween night after all the trick-or-treaters have returned to their homes.

Year-Round Halloween Spirit

This black, white, and gray flannel is perfect for any casual look that needs some Halloween flair. Pair that with a sturdy and spacious tote to show off your Spirit Halloween pride whenever you’re on a mission–whether that means hitting every house on your trick-or-treat route, carrying food and drinks to a friend’s Halloween party, or running errands around town.


You know Crouchy as one of our most popular animatronics, but he’s come to take on a larger life of his own. We’ve got magnets, plush dolls, drinkware, and yes, even a Crouchy knife to keep you up at night. Whatever it is that makes clowns so scary, Crouchy’s got a lot of it.


Nightcrawler is truly a nightmare. At 3.5 feet tall, this ghoulish, snarling creature feels almost animal. Distorted and contorted, Nightcrawler is used to living in the shadows, fending and feeding for itself. Celebrate the nightmarish power it holds over spooky front yards everywhere, with this official merch.

Wacky Mole

The carnival is back in town and Wacky Mole has returned from his stay at the rest home for nervous clowns. That’s right, this beloved clown animatronic can now be your favorite new costume! These costumes look great under blacklights and are so scary that you’ll send all the trick-or-treaters running.

Nozzles the Clown

We can’t forget about one of our favorite creepy clowns, Nozzles! He was killed by toxic gas while working at the circus and now follows it around, haunting all of its attendees! Spread spooky toxic fumes on Halloween with both an animatronic for your home and a light-up mask that you can mix and match with any clown costume to complete your toxic look.

Are you a true Spirit Halloween fan? Tag us on social media @spirithalloween to let us know what your favorite piece of Spirit merch is. In addition, always check back with our blog for the most up-to-date Halloween inspiration!