Look to the stars for some inspiration for your Halloween costume this year! National Moon Day is on July 20th, and we’re celebrating the holiday with a Spirit Halloween twist! Take a look below and see which look best suits the traits attributed to your sign! From Aries to Pisces, we’ve got every zodiac sign covered.


If you were born between March 21st and April 19th, you are the fire sign, Aries! Your symbol is the ram, and your sign is most known for being courageous, confident, and adventurous. For an Aries such as yourself, we recommend costumes that exemplify the boldness and vigor associated with your sign. Check out our swashbuckling collection of pirate costumes if you’re looking to show some brashness, or maybe suit up as in our zookeeper costumes (available in men’s and women’s styles) to embrace your wild side! From firefighters and police officers to aviators and astronauts, we have no shortage of looks to show off your signature Aries confidence!


When spring has fully sprung, you know it’s Taurus season! Those with your sign, born between April 20th and May 20th, are most known for being warm, kind-hearted, and habitual in nature. You’re a stickler for your routine, and, like your symbol, the bull, you are strong and determined. For a Taurus like you, we firmly believe you should embrace the traits of your earth sign when choosing your costume for Halloween. Exemplify your determined nature and suit up as a nurse or a doctor, or bring out that side of you that loves your routine with our train conductor or flight attendant costumes! If you’re going for that warm appearance, consider suiting up as a baker! No matter what you choose, your Taurus side is sure to come through.


If you were born between May 21st and June 20th, you are the air sign, Gemini! Your sign is represented by the twins and is known for being associated with fun-loving, charismatic, and independent individuals. There’s no denying that Geminis are anything but boring, so we recommend choosing a costume that brings out your lighthearted personality. Suit up as a cute, happy ladybug, or let everyone know you’re ready to have a good time with one of our Oktoberfest-inspired costumes (available in men’s and women’s styles). Looking for something to show off your independent nature? Check out our Tiger Catsuit Costume and get ready to start your prowl on Halloween. If you’re really trying to get into some trouble, suit up as a devil… You’ll be all set for a wicked good time!


As summertime kicks off, Cancer season begins! Those born between June 21st and July 22nd are represented by this sign, symbolized by the crab, and are known to be emotional, sympathetic, and loving in nature. We feel that you should embrace the warm nature of this water sign when you choose your Halloween costume this year! Check out our adorable Dalmatian Romper Costume for a cute, playful look, or go for a sweet, innocent vibe with our Cozy Fawn Costume! For a costume that truly exemplifies your emotionally aware, sensitive nature, suit up with our Angel Costume Kit! With its included halo, wings, and white skirt, this look is perfect for any Cancer ready to take flight and spread their warmth with everyone they meet.


When summer is in full swing and the sun is shining bright, you know it’s the season of Leo; the fire sign! Those born between July 23rd and August 22nd have this sign and are symbolized by the mighty lion. Leos like you are known for being creative, enthusiastic, and theatrical. If you want to be the life of the party this Halloween, we’ve got quite the selection of fun costumes for the perfect Leo look. Show off your theatrical side and put on a show for the whole party as a hilarious carnival clown, or throw on your top hat and grab your magic wand before your big magic act. If you’re looking to boast your signature Leo enthusiasm, suit up as a cheerleader, grab your pom poms, and get the whole room chanting with you! Want to take your place in the spotlight? Tally up your votes and take to the stage as a prom queen! With its included dress, sash, and corsage, this costume means you’ll be all the talk on Halloween night or prom night!


As the leaves begin to fall and the weather becomes more crisp and cool, Virgo season begins! Those born between August 23rd and September 22nd are represented by this earth sign and are known for being analytical, serious, and solution-oriented. For an individual such as yourself with this sign, symbolized by the virgin, we recommend costumes that exemplify your signature Virgo nature. Show off your inventive, analytical side with a look from our collection of Steampunk costumes! Whether you suit up in our Dapper Steampunk Costume or our Steampunk Dress Costume, your analytical nature is sure to shine through. Want to show off your serious side? What’s more serious than a sneaky ninja? Slip on this jumpsuit and get ready to sneak through the night in sexy style. If you’re looking to keep an air of mystery with your persona, try our raven costume on for size! You’ll be ready for any mysterious masquerade.


If you were born between September 23rd and October 22nd, you are the air sign, Libra! Those with your sign are known for being diplomatic, easygoing, and open to change. For a sign known for embodying fair and just individuals, it makes sense that your symbol is the scales! To show pride for your sign, we recommend costumes that truly exemplify Libra traits. If you’re looking to show off your honest nature, what better look than a judge? Slip on this long black robe, grab your gavel, and get ready to uphold your honorable personality! If you want to show off your easygoing, “go with the flow” traits, suit up as an enchanting gypsy or a whimsical fairy! If you want to demonstrate your openness to change, slip on our Voodoo Poncho and use your magic to make that change!


As the spooky season kicks off, so does Scorpio season! Those born between October 23rd and November 21st are represented by this water sign, symbolized by the scorpion, and known to be cool, passionate, and powerful by nature. If you’re going for an undeniably cool look, slip on one of our biker vests (available in men’s and women’s styles). No one will question how cool you really are in this getup! Going for something undeniably powerful? Try on our Adult Storybook Queen Costume! This regal look includes a beautiful dress, an overcoat, a crown, a belt, and a stunning chain with a medallion. With this look, there’ll be no doubting who’s in charge! If you’re looking to show your power in a different style, check out our boxer costumes (available in men’s and women’s styles). You’ll be a hit when you throw on your gloves and enter the ring!


As the weather becomes colder and fall begins to turn to winter, Sagittarius season begins! Those with this fire sign, born between November 22nd and December 21st, are symbolized by the archer and are known for being friendly, inquisitive, and self-improving. If you’re going for a cute, friendly look, check out our Adult Racy Rag Doll Costume! This adorable costume is sure to show off your sweet Sagittarius side! If you’d rather have a costume that exemplifies your curious side, our Adult Monkey Union Suit is sure to do the trick! Complete the look with a banana and you’ll be ready to monkey around all night long. If you’re looking to show off you’re self-improving side, throw on our Adult ’80s Workout Costume and show everyone you’re ready to get fit in style! With these signature Sagittarius looks, there won’t be any question as to what your sign is!


With the end of one year and the start of a new one, Capricorn season begins! Those born between December 22nd and January 19th are represented by this earth sign and are symbolized by the sea-goat. Those that fall under this sign are known to be responsible, ambitious, and hardworking in nature. If you belong to this group of go-getters, we’ve got a wide array of costumes that fit your Capricorn personality! Suit up in our Adult SWAT Catsuit Costume and show off your hardworking nature, or try our Adult Fierce Warrior Costume on for size and demonstrate your strength! If you’re looking to show off your ambitious side, suit up as Queen Cleopatra herself and begin your rule. Want to go for a funny look while still embracing your Capricorn nature? Check out our Adult Nerd Costume Kit! Feel free to check our work, but we believe any of these looks will be a guaranteed hit!


If you were born between January 20th and February 18th, you are an Aquarius! Those with this air sign are symbolized by the water bearer and are known for being intelligent, truthful, and free in nature. For an Aquarius such as yourself, we believe your costume should exemplify the free, unrestrained nature that has become synonymous with your sign. Dress up in our adorable Adult Flower Power Hippie Costume or vibrant Adult Psychedelic ’60s Costume and you’ll be movin’ and groovin’ all night long! Going for more of a magical vibe? Check out our Adult Celestial Witch Costume and get ready for an enchanting night of fun! No matter what look you choose, your free-spirited Aquarius energy is sure to shine through.


Last but certainly not least is the water sign, Pisces, which is symbolized by the fishes. Those who fall under this sign, born between February 19th and March 20th, are known for being imaginative, romantic, and artistic. For a Pisces such as yourself, we recommend a costume that will bring out your artsy side. Put your artistic skills to the test and pick up one of our stunning makeup kits! From vampires and zombies to clowns and fairies, there is no shortage of options to show off your eye for the aesthetic! If you really want to show how much you love art, consider suiting up as the man himself, Bob Ross! This look is sure to show everyone you’re in tune with your artistic side! If you’re thinking of taking your symbol of the fishes literally, dress up as a mermaid and take your night of fun to the seas!

Think you have an even better costume idea to exemplify your sign’s traits? Email us at spiritblog@spirithalloween.com and let us know! And you can check out our huge selection of Halloween costumes for every sign and personality type right here at Spirit Halloween.