Google has released its annual Frightgeist search results, a list of the most popular 2020 Halloween costumes based on search volume in Google Trends. The top 20 most searched for costumes this year are: Witch, dinosaur, Harley Quinn, rabbit, clown, angel, Fortnite, devil, ninja, Spider-Man, cowboy, doll, zombie, pumpkin, Purge, pirate, cheerleader, fairy, vampire and Chucky. The 2020 popular searches shared some favorite with 2019’s 20 most searched costumes. Searches that also appeared last year include witch, dinosaur, clown, Fortnite, Chucky, pirate, Harley Quinn, and doll, albeit in different orders.

Some costumes never go out of style, no matter what the current trends are. Classic costumes heavily populated the top 100, include bear (21), skeleton (250), ghost (34), alien (40), lion (46), tiger (54), monster (81) and bat (88).

Pop culture characters are also high on the list of what people are searching for to dress up for Halloween 2020, with It, Batman, Star Wars, Joker, Wonder Woman, Hocus Pocus, Power Rangers and Minnie Mouse among the top 50.

Google’s interactive costume map allows viewers to see which costumes are most popular in various cities. In Seattle, devil costumes were the top choice, while in Miami, Florida, lion costumes ruled. Pop culture costumes were all the rage in places like Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where Naruto costumes were the most searched, and in Nashville, Tennessee, Harley Quinn costumes were the number one choice.

Google further breaks down the most popular Halloween 2020 costumes by state, offering a look at geographic similarities and differences. In New York, the most popular costumes searches were for dinosaur, angel, witch, Harley Quinn and rabbit costumes, while in Oklahoma, dragon, Spider-Man, dinosaur, witch and bear costumes topped the list.

On their blog, Google offered more insight into what shoppers are looking for this Halloween season. Analyzing September 2020 searches, Google posted that in that month, Supergirl was the top costume search for kids, followed by flamingo, Hocus Pocus and witch. For couples, the classic outlaws Bonnie and Clyde topped the list, while movie lovers couldn’t get enough of Lydia and Beetlejuice, making them the top five most-searched couples costume. If you also love Beetlejuice and want to show off your fandom this Halloween, don’t miss Spirit’s official Beetlejuice costumes.

Animals dominated the most-searched baby costumes in September, with baby shark at number one. Also popular with those on the prowl for costumes for their babies? Baby dinosaur, tiger, shark and lion costumes. And, of course, for those who want to keep it totally classic, baby pumpkin was number three. What could be more adorable than that?

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