Marshmello is a grammy nominated multi-hyphenate DJ/producer who has been killing the dance music world for years. His infectious sound crosses genres and bends synapses. His solo tracks and collaborations have rocked earbuds and live shows alike. In addition to his musical accomplishments, Marshmello has also hosted his very own Fortnite in-game concert and currently produces gaming videos, a cooking show, and a children’s show on YouTube. Throughout all these exciting projects, Marshmello’s unique mask and costume help maintain the appeal of his mysterious personality.  If you’re a real fan who’s looking for some new costumes and merch, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got everything you need to represent your favorite DJ/producer, from blankets to jackets, masks and more to complete your next Marshmello costume.  

Marshmello Costumes and Accessories

Look exactly like your favorite music producer in one of our official Marshmello costumes. These looks feature variations of Marshmello’s distinctive sweater, pants, and mask for both kids and adults. You could even get these as part of your costumes for the whole family. Look cool and get everyone hyped up when you throw on your favorite track and get the Halloween party started! 

Themed Marshmello Costumes and Masks

Dressing up as Marshmello will bring a spooky DJ vibe to Halloween night and trick-or-treating. If they’re ready to be spooky and dress up like their favorite artist on All Hallows’ Eve, check out these fun, scary versions of the iconic Marshmello look:

Adult Skeleton Marshmello Half Mask
Adult Skeleton Marshmello Half Mask

Marshmello Masks

If there’s one thing that sets Marshmello’s appearance apart, it’s his mask. Inspired by the onstage masks of artists like Daft Punk and Deadmau5, Marshmello chose his large headpiece to create his signature style. Now, you can rock a few versions of his Marshmello-head look, depending on what costume you pair it with. When people see this head, they know it’s time to party.

Marshmello Jackets

These Marshmello jackets are perfect for colder weather and can be layered with a hoodie when the temperatures really drop. Support your favorite artist by throwing a stylish jacket featuring him on with any of your daily outfits.    

Marshmello Décor

Being a fan means more than just wearing a mask. Extend your fandom with some Marshmello merch for your home! “Keep it Mello” while laying on a Marshmello pillow, under a Marshmello fleece blanket, and listening to your favorite tracks.     

Marshmello Christmas Sweaters

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to rock a sweet Christmas sweater from your favorite “Happier” producer! Stay warm while letting everyone know that you have impeccable taste in both beats and clothing with these hilarious Marshmello Christmas sweaters. Put these on to send a shockwave through any holiday party.

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