Ready to take your Halloween costume up a notch? Adding appliances to make your look even more sinister or realistic will definitely help turn heads. But not sure when you should be using liquid latex instead of spirit gum or vice versa? Not even sure what the difference is? We’re here to explain!

So, what exactly is the difference between liquid latex and spirit gum?

Difference Between Liquid Latex and Spirit Gum

Liquid Latex

  • Great for creating effects directly on your skin like slashes, burns, or dead skin looks
  • Can be applied around the edge of appliances for a realistic look
  • Create wounds with Bloody Scab fake blood over gauze and liquid latex
  • Can peel off easily after use

Spirit Gum

  • Adhesive material that becomes tacky
  • Use to affix special-effect appliances, facial hair, or gem stones to the skin
  • Can remove safely with spirit gum remover, rubbing alcohol, or mineral oil

So, essentially, the biggest difference when it comes to liquid latex and spirit gum is that spirit gum is used just to adhere prosthetics or embellishments onto your skin whereas liquid latex helps create the actual effects.

Now that you know the differences between liquid latex and spirit gum, start working on your next horrifying Halloween look! Shop all of our special-effects makeup and show us what you come up with! Send us pictures of your final look to for a chance to be featured in a future post.


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