Intrigued by the creepy nature of the infamous Krampus? Spirit Halloween is ready to amp up your interest in this ancient creature of legend with our 2020 introduction of Krampus décor and accessories. You heard that correctly! Spirit Halloween is showcasing a new array of officially licensed Krampus accessories and décor, including products to create the most iconic Krampus costume appearance, beginning July 25, 2020. Questions like “Who/what is Krampus?”, What does Krampus look like?”, “What does Krampus do?”, and “Where is Krampus from?” will be answered through this film-inspired collection and explanation of its origins.  

The current concept of Krampus derives from a central European legend which describes a half-goat, half-demonic figure that preys upon misbehaved and non-believing children during the Christmas holiday season. Originally, the figure of Krampus is said to date back to German roots, as the creature’s name, “Krampus,” comes from the German word Krampen, meaning “claw.” Even today, Krampus’s large metal claw-like accomplice remains well known. Though originally associated with Pagan rituals for the winter solstice, the spread of Christianity and the timeline of the Pagan festivities increased Krampus’s relation to modern-day Christmastime. 

The evening of December 5 marks Krampusnach, meaning“Krampus Night,” when St. Nicholas rewards children with gifts, while Krampus punishes naughty ones in various ways: hitting them with sticks, eating them, or bringing them to hell. Conversely, December 6 marks St. Nicholas’s Day, in which children open their presents or recover from their injuries. In addition to the rise in practice of Christianity, this movement also invited heightened commercialization, adding to the prominence of Krampus. 

Spirit Halloween has expanded upon the legend of Krampus with this officially licensed collection of Krampus-inspired accessories and décor based on the film with the creature’s name, Krampus (2015). This action-packed and frightening flick examining Krampus’s legend exhibits a prime example of Krampus wreaking havoc on nonbelievers of Christmas. A family undergoing dysfunction betrays the holiday spirit, practically inviting Krampus to come and play his monstrous game. The protagonist of the film, the little boy Max, played by Emjay Anthony, is mocked by his family for believing in Christmas, causing him to rip his letter to Santa Claus in pieces, literally turning his back on Christmas.  Krampus enters Max’s family home and attacks to punish them for their disbelief: the only way for the family to survive is to band together in solidarity and belief.

Spirit Halloween’s 2020 collection of Krampus products highlights the already-infamous figure of Krampus, with its origin legends dating back centuries and the film’s release on December 4, 2015 (the evening before “Krampus Night”). Here is everything important to know about our new Krampus collection! 

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Krampus animatronic

Krampus Animatronic

Celebrate the holiday in a creepier way with the nonbelievers and this Chained-Krampus Animatronic! Cloaked in a dark red robe, Krampus will bring fear to those who are naughty. Add Krampus to Santa Claus’s Christmas celebration, as every hero needs his favorite villain! 

Krampus fleece blanket

Krampus Fleece

Adorn yourself with a Krampus-inspired fleece to look like the real Krampus! Only a certain kind of fleece can drape an ancient and demonic figure like Krampus.  

Krampus molded mug

Krampus Molded Mug

Enjoy your favorite morning drink with an officially licensed Krampus mug! This mug is inspired by Krampus’s reputation as Santa Claus’s evil shadow, who punishes misbehaved children. Make your beverage behave as you wish in this mug! 

Krampus Is Coming to Town 18 x 11" Sign

Krampus 18 x 11″ Sign

This Krampus sign will bring the legend of Krampus to your home, clawing at you to believe in Christmas and behave well. Adorn your walls with the wrath of this demonic creature and live in the world of Krampus with this 18×11″ sign! 

Krampus sign

Krampus Sign

Let everyone who visits your home know they better beware of Krampus!

Jack in the Box Krampus Mug

Jack in the Box Krampus Mug

Always keep children on their toes in anticipation of Krampus’s arrival with this Jack in the Box Krampus mug! You better watch out because Krampus is coming to town! 

Krampus tumbler

Krampus Tumbler

Sip the slogan of Krampus and enforce good behavior among children everywhere! Celebrate the Christmas spirit everyday with this red and black Krampus-inspired tumbler.

We are working diligently to create authentic Krampus accessories, and décor in order to keep the monster’s legend alive! Spirit Halloween knows how popular Christmas-themed costumes are, so we are committed to aptly represent Christmas’s favorite villain, Krampus, alongside his shadow-self, Santa Claus! Claw into the creepy world of Krampus with Spirit Halloween’s newest officially licensed Krampus collection